Currency/ Spending Money in Tunisia
  • I am travelling to Tunisia on Wednesday with my significant other for a week, staying in Skanes. I am aware that you have to wait until you are in the country before obtaining currency so I will be taking british sterling to change - is this sensible?

    Also, I have read that it is important to haggle for things. However, I would like a few examples of reasonable prices to pay for various things (eg, taxi, bus, bottle of water, water sports etc) so that I know what price to expect to get things for!

    I have also seen that there are camal tours and sea fishing available, are these worth doing and what should I expect to pay?

    One last thing... What plug adapters should we take with us?

  • Thank you for your kindly request.

    Please try to send us your request to and we will help you.
  • I am travelling on 15th of oct to Hammamet but I couldent find tour Operators in Tunisia with information on travel, sightseeing on web.
    could u tell me what is the best way.


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