Currency/ Spending Money in Tunisia
  • Hi Lesley. i have seen that you are the person to ask questions on Tunisia. me and my other half will be going to Hammamet on 5th Sept and i have a couple of questions. we are going AI and are happy to stay in hotel for foos and drink etc. but we are quite young and will be venturing out at night time. how much spending money do you think is wise for a week? we will probally do a day trip of some sort as well .
    Thanks alot.
  • Hi Alice,

    You should venture out!! As you are staying in Hammamet then there are lots of places you can go but try to eat out a few times. The food in the hotels can become quite repetitive and you can have a great meal for just a few dinars. the amount of money you bring is hard to guess at. I'm not sure of your home currency but the GBP is about 2 to TND1 and the US is around 1.5 to TND1.000 but you can check these on the net. Please be aware that alcohol is expensive here, I don't drink so I can't give you exact prices but I know say a vodka and coke is up around the TND10 mark depending on where you buy it. You are allowed to bring alcohol (2 litres) here duty free so if you want to save then bring a couple of bottles and buy the mixers at the supermarket. As a guide and as a local I spend about TND50-70 per week including all food etc. But we don't go to discos or that sort of thing. Maybe depending on how much you have saved budget on TND30 per day which should get you taxis, louages and day trips. This may not be enough or it may be too much, but just a warning, don't change too much into dinar, you can't take it out of the country and you can't use it when you leave in the duty free as they only accept foreign currency.
  • Great Thanks Lesley. we were thinking about £300-400 each so i think this should be plenty! so can we not change dinar back into sterling at airport? the reason we did AI is the drink really as i have been years ago and know alcohol is abit expensive. do you know anything of SAndra Hotel or Happy days Sultan Hotel in Hammamet? we cannot choose!! they are fairly cheap so not expecting the Ritz but wandering if you know anything of them?? Thanks again for your help
  • Alice - I think you will be absolutely fine with this amount. But you might want to check that alcohol is included - I have never heard of this at any of the hotels!! I think you will find that they mean soft drink with your meal and the alcohol is extra. I don't know these hotels to be honest, if they are cheap then like I always get what you pay for.

    You can change dinar back into home currency at the airport but you won't get a fabulous x-rate. It's better to change a little to start and then every few days, this way you won't end up with too many TND
  • Thank you. I have checked and All local spirits wine and beer is included! :) also will it still be beach and tanning weather early sept?? Thanks again
  • Alice wow - if alcohol is included then this is a bargain holiday!! It will definitely still be beach weather but you should be aware that you are coming in Ramadan! This means that we don't eat/drink/smoke/etc from sunup to sundown so some of us become a little testy! Have patience, it's difficult to work and not take a sip of water for many hours in the heat. But you are visitors here and are not expected to take part in this, however, the evenings are wonderful, after eating, we all go out to take coffe/tea, meet with friends and sit and talk so you will find it very lively.
  • Sounds exelent!! does this mean we can stil drink smoke etc within the hotel and out of?? we are very patient and appreciate other cultures so being patient will not be a problem. Would you reccoment PEK or Hammamet for two 21 year olds? hotels seem nice in PEK.
  • Alice - you won't find alcohol outside the hotel. It is forbidden during Ramadan, but I guess that it may be available in touristique areas. As for smoking - just be mindful that we can't and so it is a little more respectful to do it in quiet areas away from the locals.

    PEK is purpose built for tourists. Yes, the hotels are nice but it's a quiet area and mostly couples etc. The marina is really beautiful with lots of cafes, restaurants etc. My advice would be to stay in Hammamet and take taxis into PEK - it's cheap and not far away.
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