Currency/ Spending Money in Tunisia
  • I am travelling to Tunisia on Wednesday with my significant other for a week, staying in Skanes. I am aware that you have to wait until you are in the country before obtaining currency so I will be taking british sterling to change - is this sensible?

    Also, I have read that it is important to haggle for things. However, I would like a few examples of reasonable prices to pay for various things (eg, taxi, bus, bottle of water, water sports etc) so that I know what price to expect to get things for!

    I have also seen that there are camal tours and sea fishing available, are these worth doing and what should I expect to pay?

    One last thing... What plug adapters should we take with us?

  • My memories of Tunisia, or Skanes in particular, are not pleasant I'm afraid although perhaps the resort will suit you well as it does many other people but I found there was little or nothing to do in Skanes. Fist off, Skanes is not Monastir, it is a tourist resort only; Monastir is a town some distance away.

    As you will be mostly hotel-based (nothing in the area) you will be limited as to where you shop; I suggest you get a taxi or train to Souss which has many shops and restaurants and the art of haggling becomes more entertaining.

    On the money front, Sterling will be accepted for exchange into Tunisian Dinars in the hotels. Not sure about Travellers Cheques nowadays but I took them when I was there a while ago but elsewhere (partic Morocco) they are notoriously difficult to exchange.

    I can only describe Skanes as a having 25Km of beach, an airport, no shops (except in hotels), no sights, no bars, no nightclubs (except in hotels), nothing but hotels and beach.
    In other words, as there are no shops, bars etc, there's nothing to spend your money on.

    The one redeeming feature was an interesting small town called Sahline, ask any Tunisian to direct you as it makes a nice change, I only found it on my return from Sousse one dark night when I got lost coming off the train.

    Tourists visiting Tunisia who are willing to explore are fortunate to find a fairly reliable railway network spanning most of the country. The trains can take you, in a matter of minutes, to Monastir which is about 10Km from Skanes in one direction or Sousse which is also about 10Km from Skanes the other way.
    The train also goes to Mahdia, a fishing town best visited on Friday for the market or any day for the early morning fishing activities; the journey took about one and a half hours.
    Of course the rail can take you much further if you are prepared to go all the way to Tunis for example.

    The voltage in Tunisia is 230V, 50Hz and you will need a european 2-pin adaptor.

    Get in touch if you need a map or ideas of typical trips.
  • Lucky for us, we hate bars/nightclubs/shopping and are purely going for the sun and the beach. But its always nice to have people slate the place you have chosen to pay for a holiday before you get there!

    Anyone else able to answer my question regarding costs of things a little more accurately? I really would like some example prices. Thanks.
  • Hi, I havent got any details for you but we travel to Skanes on Oct 4th with 2 young children, I would appreciate some feedback from you when you get back on your experience, I hope you have a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying the wonderful weather
  • Hi - don't be put off by the comments. If you are looking for sun and beach then you are in the right place, although the weather is starting to cool off now, but this can be a plus as our summer is really hot! To be honest, I don't know the price of anything in Skanes but I can give you some idea: Water in the cities is at a fixed rate. Sometimes the supermarkets will have them on special. A one litre bottle will usually cost around 1/2 dinar or less. Taxis - it will depend on where you are going of course but a 1 km journey will cost around TD1.000. It is only acceptable to haggle for goods in the open markets (not food) and in the souqs. Shops have fixed prices. You should bring a European 2 pin plug adaptor although many of the hotels will happily lend you one if you need. There are a number of alternatives for public transport, train, bus and louage. The louage is the cheapest and sometimes the best fun! They are mini vans holding 9 people and will leave when the seats are taken. Again, the price will depend on where you are going but the transport here is cheap. For example, if I travel to see my mother-in-law about 20km from where I live it costs me the grand total of just on TD3.000, but beware that whether you travel the whole distance or not, you still pay the same price. I am not sure about the prices for water sports - but in general, your currency will take you a long way here. Everything is much, much cheaper than in the UK!!! One thing to be aware of is that you should try to use up all your TD before you leave. The currency rate overseas is woeful and the international airport duty free will not accept TD only foreign currency or credit cards.

    I hope you have a wonderful vacation
  • Shells - I've just got back from Skanes and had a great time. The hotel was pretty basic and definately not the 4star as advertised but the weather was (mostly) lovely and hot. The amphitheatre in El Jem is definately worth a visit, however I did find that there wasn't an awful lot to do at the resort. This wasn't a problem for us as we were there to chill out and not do much else! But I think travelling with children, you may need to be imaginative to provide entertainment for them, or take a cheap bus (about 1/2 dinar compared to 8 dinar for a taxi) to Monistir or Sousse. Port el Kantaoui a few kilometres past Sousse is apparently really nice and there is an aqua park there also. I don't know which hotel you are in, but depending on the length of your stay you will most likely need to travel a bit to find some activities. On the plus, I found all staff at the hotel and in shops/bars etc really helpful and friendly. Hope you have a great holiday!
  • im planning a trip to tunisia next year,can you use british credit cards over there
  • Dani - yes you can use British credit cards but please be aware that Cash is King here and credit cards are not the norm. Usually the resorts and hotels will accept the cc and also the larger hire car companies.

    Enjoy your visit
  • hi , i am going to tunisia in dec, i need to know about kasserine??
    like, can we rent an apartment.? can we get a train from monastir to kasserine direct?? plzz can you help
  • Annie - Kasserine is in the south. It depends on how long you are going to go as to whether it would be worth renting an apartment. I don't think there are trains direct from Monastir to Kasserine. You will need to probably go to Tunis and then to Kasserine. The best way is to take the bus, comfortable and reliable.
  • "cash is king" - where can you change sterling into TD in Tunisia and what is the current exchange rate at these places?
  • Boris - we all use cash here. You can change sterling into TD in any bank, post office or in the large cities the Bureaux de change. the er fluctuates so you should go to a site such as: where you will see the latest rates. You can sometimes shop around to get the best rate but the banks will be the best.
  • Annie. The Tunisian train company (SNCFT) has a website with timetables and prices. It is at although only the French language version is working. Even with a little understanding of French it is useable though.
  • Hi Guys, glad to hear you all had good holidays, I am going in december anyone know how the weather is I will be in Hammamet if anyone can give me some insight of what s good and what to avoid that will be helpful. Im really into water sports much of that going on? Thinking in december the weather might not be warm enough to hang around in the sea? or is it. Thanks :) Tarryn
  • Hi,

    I am travelling to Skanes in February with a female friend. Is this safe for two females alone? Also, what is the weather like then? Is it best to change our currency before we go, or when we get there? I notice that people have mentioned water sports and an aqua park - will these be available in February?

    Many thanks

  • Hi Tarryn - weather is definitely getting cooler here. You won't find many in the water now, bit on the chilly side. Hammamet is very touristique and you will find lots to do, pubs, bars, discos, etc. Learn a few words of Arabic/French as it will really be useful for you and the locals appreciate it. If you have time you should visit some of the areas around Hammamet as it is a lovely area. Enjoy your time.
  • Hi Michelle, yes Tunisia is safe for a couple of females and for everyone else. The Tunisian Dinar is difficult to find outside the country so this means that you will need to change when you get here. The best rates are usually the banks but in Tunis the capitol you can find Bureaux de Change offices. February is cold here. Too cold for the water or the aqua park. I'm not sure that this is open but if you do a search on the web I'm sure you can find out. I hope you enjoy your visit to my adopted country
  • I think, Tunisia could be an interesting place to visit.
    Well I have not planned already to visit though. I want to gather information about safety, accommodation, food and activities to do - including sight seeing, museums, festival, choice of food specially from vegan category. Connecting flight. Possible stay which would fill the satisfaction of visiting Tunisia.
    Some one who has already visited and been there can write their experiences to me at sunilsts56 at yahoo dot com (omit spaces between ).
  • Sunny,

    there are many great sites you can go to look for information about Tunisie. Try - a fantastic site with destination guides for all the regions. Tunisie is a safe country, low crime rate. Accommodation is not as it is in Europe. A 5 star hotel can only be found in the upmarket tourist areas. Try getting the Lonely Planet guide to Tunisia. It contains all the information you could possibly want. If you want more information please feel free to email me but it can take me some time to reply.
  • Hi Lesley
    Your advice and information is great and I was wondering if you could answer some questions for me. I am taking my wife and 2 children under 18 months hopefully to to Skanes and staying at the Hotel Sahara beach in the middle of March 2010. What's the weather like as I want to take my toddler son out swimming. I am aware there are no shops nearby but like you said Sousse is 4 miles away and easily reachable by taxi. How much is getting a taxi from the airport to the hotel as I rather not pay the travel agent £20 to go by coach or would you recommend paying for the coach? I am very interested in visiting the sites where star wars was filmed and would the hotel offer a local package for this visit. I would go alone and leave the wife and kids at the hotel. Can I exchange currency at the aiport in Tunisia or can I get tunisian currency from the uk?
    many thanks
  • Hi there Miz and welcome to Tunisia. March can be cold! I think the sea water will be too cold for your toddler (certainly would be for me)!! However, the hotels mostly have heated pools so that might be a better option. which airport are you arriving into? If you are coming into Tunis then don't catch a taxi!! It will cost you mega dinars. It is easier to organise either the travel company or the hotel to pick you up. (Although BPS20 is a total rip off) I am totally honest with you - after a flight of a few hours, two young children and a tired wife I would advise opting for the most comfortable way of getting to your hotel. Makes for a happier family. Star Wars was filmed in and around Tataouine and Matmata. I am sure the hotel can organise a tour for you but it would be a very full day - but absolutely worth it.

    The currency here is the Tunisian Dinar and is divided into 1000 millim to 1 Dinar. You can't buy it (or very rarely) outside Tunisia. I would advise that you change a small amount at the airport when you arrive for your immediate use and then go to the bank in Skanes where you will more than likely get a better exchange rate.

    I do hope you will enjoy your holiday
  • We are coming at the end of Jan staying till 10th feb.
    Is it really cold???? bearing in mind its snowing here!!
  • Hi Lisa - it depends where you are staying? Very rarely snows here in Tunisia. the weather right now is not has been very, very warm even here in the North. So, it could be quite nice when you come, but the weather is changing and today was cooler. But - it's a lot warmer here than snow I can promise you that.

    Enjoy your time here
  • Hi im thinking of going to tunisia in april probably hammamet while looking at the hotels it says something about non married couples cant share the same bed is this true also if you have any recommendations pls let me know as i havent quite made my mind up and what will the weather be like
  • Danny - it can be very hit and miss re the hotels. I can't give you recommendations but in Hammamet they are all fairly good resorts unless you are looking for v v cheap. When you make your reservation you can ask if unmarried couples can share the same room. It usually only applies to mixed ethnicity i.e. westerner with a tunisian. But Hammamet is quite touristique and used to having foreigners all year round. The weather in April is still cool, but for us, probably not for anyone else. High teens to high 20s on some days. But the mediterannean water is still pretty cool. If you are wanting sun, sand, sea then better to come late May early June before the real heat sets in. Otherwise late September to late November is also very, very nice
  • hiya we r going to tunisia on 10th feb, staying at the dar khayam in hamammet, we av been informed building work going on, does any1 know how much building work and how this will disrupt r holiday. can any1 let me know what the weather is like and also what trips r best value to go on, i was interested about the camel trips. wot is going on nearby what r the best cafes n shops to go to, and finally is it true u can take whisky n mobile phones to barter with. thanks i would be really glad if any1 can give me any feed back thanks again
  • Hi Julie - i don't know about the building work but I'll try to find out for you. But for the most part they do not do any construction work during the night time hours, so even if they are building you will be able to sleep well. right now the weather is v.v. cold - we are having storms, wind and rain. Very pleasant NOT. Just so you know, it's winter here and it can get quite cold although Hammamet is a little milder than the north and south especially where the temps can be below freezing in the desert. Where did you hear about whisky and mobiles being barter tools!! LOL. What would you barter for? you can only bring in 2 litres of alcohol here so it won't go far for you. Just so you know, while this is an Arabic/Muslim country, alcohol is freely available but it is not cheap. If you want to 'haggle' for prices then you should do it in a respectful and friendly way. Learn a few words of Arabic or French - always appreciated.
  • Hiya lesley Thanks for the info i hope it gets a bit warmer when we come to tunisia, we want to go out n about n c as much as we can. The building work is going on in the hotel they aving a refurb thats what r travel agent told us they said we wouldnt be disrupted to much, i dont know weather to believe them. Im really looking forward to coming to tunisia n ive been trying to learn a few words in french, but im not that good i will carry on trying. take care n bye for now.
  • hi i am going to Port El Kantaoui, can u tell me what its like? what can you do when you get there? where can you exchange your uk pounds there? whats the weather like there? i am going at the end of january until febuary 10, can you also explain a bit about the currency there? sori for all the questions but first time going to Port El Kantaoui and i want to have a good time!!
  • Hey Julie - I'm not sure about warmer..........tbh today is like ice here!! If the travel agent is located outside Tunisia then you may be able to take their word for it. However, you are coming off season so there are plenty of hotels with rooms available. Glad that you are learning a few words, will really help you!! I hope you enjoy your time here, it's a wonderful country
  • Hi Jasmine = PEK is a purpose built tourist area. There is a medina with shops and lots of bars/cafes/restaurants. It is a very nice area. You can exchange your money at any bank, post office etc. You'll probably get the best rate at the bank. the currency is the Tunisian Dinar. 1,000 millims make 1 Dinar. We have TD50/30/20 notes and TD5, 1, 1/2 dinar coins. the weather today is very cold, however PEK is a little milder but it will still be very cool. It can be very windy and rainy this time of year. Take some warmer clothes with you. Too cold for a swim though! Have a fun time
  • Thanks leslie
  • hi guys just had a read through some of the comments and see some great advice,

    was just wondering if anyone could give me advice on port el kantaoui, as me and my girlfriend are planning on going there in april for a little winter sun, could you please tell me about the local area i.e markets etc, my girlfriend loves that kind of thing,where is the local markets?, also the price of things like camel rides ect.

  • Hi Colinmc,

    PEK is purpose built for tourists. However, it is lovely, there is a great marina area with lots of cafes, restaurants etc. there is a souk and also fixed price shopping but usually aimed at tourists. If you want loads of info on PEK then look on the internet.....loads of info, too much for me to write here.

    Enjoy your time
  • HI, I was just wondering about me and my fiance getting married in Tunisia? We are both British and have a holiday booked for August and would like to incorporate our Wedding during our stay? Could you tell me whether this would be possible and what sort of Wedding we could have? Would it have to be a civil one in Skanes? Do you know any good companies over there that we could try please Lesley? Thanks
  • Hi James - mabrouk on your impending marriage. To be honest with you, I have never heard of tourists getting married here in Tunisia. The country is 99.9% Muslim and the marriages here are according to Islamic law. I don't even think that there are any non-muslim notaires here. A Tunisian wedding, the actual marriage is basically signing of a contract between the two parties. After than there can be a very large party. Because of all the rules regarding marriage here (blood tests/birth certificates/carte d'identitie etc I would think that it will not be possible for you. However - why don't you turn it into a honeymoon instead.
  • Hi,
    My fiance and I have booked our honeymoon for 11th of April to Mahdia, although i'm starting to look into it and getting a little worried!! Firstly, what will the weather be like? Although we would like to do as much as we can, we would like to be able to spend some time on the gorgeous beaches we have seen! Also, with the counrty being mainly muslim i've read that women have to dress super conservative and may not be allowed in some restaurants? This is our firt time abroad together, and our first time away from our young daughter for any considerable time so i want it to be really worth it! Any help/advice etc?
  • Hi Joanne - oh you are so, so lucky!! Mahdia is absolutely beautiful! It is almost as it was when it was founded in AD916 and you will find it's small streets very inviting. Walk along Ave 7 Novembre or rue du Borj for fabulous views of the mediterannean (very romantic at sunset). There is a lot to see there such as the medina, the Skifa el Kahla. museum and for coffee etc head to pace du Caire. Also the Borj el Kebir is the large fortress. Market day is Friday and is a good place to mingle with the locals and buy fresh produce. For day trips consider Kairouan (the original Islamic centre) and Sfax within easy reach. But of course, the beach is as you say gorgeous!

    tunisia is not super conservative, but I always offer the advice to foreigners to be conservative as it will help especially the ladies not to be subject to some forms of harrassment - but you will only be turned away from a restaurant if perhaps you are wearing a bikini but not otherwise!

    The weather is difficult to predict - it is spring which can be unpredictable but expect some mild days but cool nights.

    I do hope you enjoy your stay and I'm sure you will want to come back
  • Hi lesley, I found this forum totally by accident but i'm sure glad i did. both me and my wife are in our 50's and are hoping to get away from our 2 grown up children in about May time. I've read your replies to many of the questiopns and find your information both interesting and informative, thanks. My wife is afraid of going to Tunisia due to what she has heard about the poverty there. I am hoping that we can go and stay in Hammamet for a week in May. We would mainly stay by the pool, on the beach or go shopping as we both love wandering around seeing if we can grab a bargain.I wondered if you could tell me what I can expect from the weather please and is there anything inparticular we would need to know before going such as begging, approaching strangers, street sellers, shopping in general etc, any advice you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Graham
  • Hi Graham - you made me laugh! Getting away from the children is such a great idea!! Tunisia is not a wealthy country, far from it, and for the most part, people don't have a lot of money but to be honest with you, you will not see any poverty. If someone is in trouble then family members usually come to the rescue and if there are huge difficulties, the Mosque is always there in times of dire need. So, please don't worry about this. There are no beggars in the streets, however, you may be approached by older women for a few coins. Of course we are used to this and good Muslims will usually give something. This of course is a part of the religion. We usually give 1/2 dinar so it is not very much to part with.

    Hammamet is lovely - it is very touristique but for your first time here, you will both enjoy it very, very much. There are some good resort hotels that offer full board if you wish but I advise you to take 1/2 board and then go try the local restaurants for some excellent and very cheap food.

    All Tunisians are hospitable and very, very happy to help foreigners. If you need for example to ask the way, or if you are a little lost, most in Hammamet will speak a few words of English and more often than not they will escort you to where you are going. If you have some French then so much the better. Try to learn a few words of Arabic - it always goes down well. eg. Thank you - shokran, please - eye shek (this is Tunisian dialect).

    You will find lots of bargains here - there is a lot of tourist tacky but searching out down little side streets is worth it. the medina is very nice and sell everything. there are markets which are open every day and buying some fresh fruit is lovely. Of course there are fixed price shops but to be honest, try negotiating with a stall holder - start at 1/2 the price and end up with a treasure!

    The weather in May is mild to warm and can get hot so you will enjoy being by the pool, the beach or just wandering around. Not too hot for long walks.

    If you want any more information please let me know, I am happy to assist in any way I can.

    Please re-assure your wife that she will love it here and will want to come back again and again...............this is my adopted home and I love it here.

    Enjoy your time here
  • I am a very fit and lively 68yr old going on holiday with my daughter and son in law early 40's and 16yr old granddaughter.We are staying at Royal Kendz PEK all inclusive.My son in law is disabled and uses crutches.I've read about building work at hotel,can you tell me anything about that.Travel agent omitted to tell us. Would you advise carrying plenty of 1 dinar coins to tip. thanks. babs.
  • Hi again Lesley,
    Thank you so much for your reply, it's changed my wife's opinion on holidaying in Tunisia.
    I don't suppose you could give me the name/s of some good hotels. We normally book half board as we like exploring and eating out and trying the local foods. The hotel would not have to be the best in the world but would need to have good service, clean, excellent staff and good food. A nice pool is always welcome as both me and the wife love nothing more than lazing by and reading by the pool, that's when we are not exploring the local streets for places off the beaten track. Hammamet does sound like a good place to start but if you know of any other places to stay then any advice would be greatfully appreciated.
    All the best
  • Hi there Babs - I'm not sure about the building work. They are probably renovating as now is low season and there are not many guests in house. I'll try to find out for you.

    Generally there is no tipping here and TD1.000 is a lot to be honest with you. If you have absolutely great service then that would be fine, but just a few coins to round up is normal. If you take taxis make sure you get the correct change, they love it when you just get out and don't look!
  • Graham - wow, I must have great sales skills! I am glad that your wife feels more comfortable now. I know you will both enjoy it. I think Hammamet or Yasmine Hammamet is a great introduction to Tunisia. The other area I could suggest would be Port el Kantaoui (PEK) which is quite new and purpose built resorts for tourists. It is quite charming and has a lovely marina, so I could also suggest there.

    I have heard good things about El Mouradi Hammamet, and Hotel Yasmine Beach Hammamet but I very rarely make recommendations as hotels/standards change so frequently. Actually a very good website to check out hotels in these areas is: they rate the hotels and provide reviews. I use it personally a lot.

    In PEK one of the good hotels is Eldorado Seabel Alhambra and does get good reviews and also Mouradi Palm Marina .

    Be aware though that the star rating is not as the rest of the world. Our 5* are more likely to be 3 1/2 - 4* but will be clean, good rooms, pools and good restaurants.

    I do hope that you enjoy your holiday and would love to hear your feedback when you return.
  • Hi I have found this forum really interesting and imformative.

    I am off to the Sahara Beach Hotel in Skanes for 2 weeks at the end of feb for our honeymoon. I understand Skanes is pretty quiet place which we dont mind as we do want a nice chilled holiday with just a couple of trips. I do have a couple of questions if thats ok.

    We have been told that the medina is not too far from the hotel. Is there a best way to get there?

    I believe there is a zoo near PEK, is that correct? Is that a nice place to visit and does it take long, which ever way is best to travel from skanes to there? I dont know if you'd know this but how much approx would it cost to do the day trip to the star wars place as my fiance is a big fan of the films.

    Lastly sorry. I know its low/mid season so its cooler but approx what is the weather/temp like end of feb to mid march? Obviously its not going to be scorching/really hot I know.

    Sorry to bombard you with all these questions. Thanks, Helen
  • Hello, First may i say what a great read this is.

    I am staying at the Kanta hotel in PEK in the 1st week of March, So first of all can you tell me if it is going to be realy cold or cold or even a mild, walm day. Also as we are staying Half board food is taken care of but we will still want to tave a couple of meals out around the marina so are the restaurants open air or can you sit in. One more thing. Can you give me an idea of the cost for a glass or bottle of wine + the cost of beer (dont worry about the cost of the spirts as i can not stand them!...
  • Have found all the previous remarks most helpful for my forthcoming trip to Tunisia. Also helpful is an English travel book "Tunisia" by DK Eyewitness Travel, ISBN:798-1-4053-2910-1 for anyone close to a Public Library.

    Using 'google' I've also been checking on their weather each day as my trip draws closer, feel very excited I'm finally going to visit those wonderful ancient sites, the markets, souks, and for sure I'll get to visit the Bardo Museum.

    Looking forward to reading more of Lesley's postings.
  • Hi Helen - mabrouk for your upcoming marriage and wishes for joy and happiness. You are right, Skanes is quiet but built for tourists. You can walk almost everywhere, the medina (city) is within walking distance but taxis are very, very cheap here and you may like to walk there and taxi back.

    I'm not sure about the zoo but have not had any negative feedback. I would advise again, taxi - you would be hard pressed to pay more than around TD5.000 but the hotel will be able to assist you with this. You may even like to hire a taxi for the day to do some sight seeing and it won't break the wallet I can assure you. PeK in itself is nice to walk around, it is again built specifically for tourists, but has some great restaurants, cafes etc. Nice to spend a day to have a late breakfast and wander.

    there are many cities within easy reach of you, Mahdia a beautiful seaside town, Kairouan which is a wonderful, ancient city and the centre of carpet making here. Sousse and Monastir are also nice for day trips and easily reached by louage. An adventure in itself! One of the best preserved Roman colosseums is at El Jem, a wonderful site. You can get to Tataouine or to Matmata to see the Berbere cave homes. this is where the Star War movies were made. Tataouine is around 350km away and will take around 3-4 hours depending on traffic and the roads. However, there are tour companies based in Skanes and I would suggest that you book with one of these as it will mean travelling in comfort.

    The weather is slightly milder on the coast than in other areas, however, it is cool to mild and the nights can be quite cold. Unless you are coming from the snow - leave the strappy sundress at home! You can check the weather on as they usually have updated and 7 day forecasts.

    I hope you will have a wonderful time
  • 2-cats - I'm happy that you enjoy reading about Tunisia and thank you! Hard to predict the weather, but right now it's freezing cold and definitely snowing somewhere near me!! PEK will be mild perhaps in the high teens to low 20s but really not beach weather unless you are one of those hardy people!

    Make sure you understand what you get for 1/2 board - some hotels that say 1/2 board really mean b/b. Full board is for 3 meals by day. the marina area is full of cafes and restaurants and you can sit inside or outside.

    In PEK - alcohol costs more than in other areas due to it's touristique nature. I am only guessing when I say that a glass of wine would be around TD6.000 - TD10.000. A bottle may cost you about TD30.000. The local beer Celtia is cheap perhaps around TD2 per bottle but the imported beers are more expensive. Good that you don't like spirits - a bottle of Vodka can cost TD100.000!!!

    I hope you enjoy your time here
  • Hi Avee - with a warm welcome to Tunisia. I know that the research you are doing now will really help you to enjoy your time here. The Bardo (sigh) is absolutely wonderful and I always think "just an hour or so" and find myself there the whole day. You will really love it. If you want any tips just let me know......there are so many wonderful things here.
  • Hi Lesley,

    Just wondering what we should do money wise? We nknow we cant exchange it before we get there so what would you suggest, bringing british pounds to change or just bringing a bank card? We only have the basic debit cards, would we be able to use these? We are staying in Mahdia, are there plenty of cash machines around? I looked into travellers cheques but wouldnt know where to begin with them!
    Any suggestions would be very helpful!!
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