Traveling from USA into Canada - Niagra Falls. What form of ID do I need?
  • Would a valid drivers license be enough to get into canada and back to USA?
  • No, you need a passport now, but no visa is required. In the past you could get in with a drivers license but not any more.
  • Further to the above: If you're flying in, you need a passport, but if entering by land you can get by with a # Birth certificate, OR # Certificate of citizenship or naturalization, AND # Photo ID, such as current driver's license. This is because as of Dec 21, 2007, passport requirements have been once again delayed meaning that US citizens arriving in Canada by land or water do not need a passport until at least summer 2009. The US consular service says however:
    "It is strongly recommended that all citizens of both Canada and the United States carry passports when crossing the U.S. / Canada border." For more: see
  • Can a Colombian citizen; visiting in the United States on a tourism visa, and crossing to Canada to visit Niagara Falls for one day, enter the border for one single day, with the colombian passport?.
    I hear that my Colombian family can get a pass for one day at the Canadian border. Is this true?
    Please answer.
    Thank you very much.

    Myriam C. Lynn
    Note: My husband is a USA citizen so I am too. Can they come with us?.
  • what if I travel to niagra falls in late september, will I be able to go by land into the falls? or can I go into the park with my license and social security card?
  • Hi guys, heres a scenario:

    British citizen travels to USA on Visa Waiver Program. Gets 3 month stay.

    Before the 3 months are over, the british citizen drives into Canada. Mails the I-94 to US Border people a week later.

    British citizen's canadian PR visa arrives. British citizen then flagpoles at a Canada/US border and makes official "landing" and becomes a Canadian PR.

    Question is, would there be any problems for this person to travel to the USA again to visit family and friends? Here's why the question arises:

    Once the 3 months of the visa issued under the Visa Waiver Program are up, USA wants you to fly out to another country and then re-enter. Driving to Canada and back does not count. If say a couple of weeks after getting PR status, this person shows up at the US border seeking entry in US, could the US immigration officers refuse entry?
  • A group of hunters from the US are wanting to go on a hunt in Canada in the spring. Do we all need visas?
  • US passport holders don't need visas for Canada. You do need a hunting license though, and a firearm import license. See here for more details on getting that permit:
  • I have a friend from Chile who will be visiting in Canada this summer. He'd like to cross the US border for a day to do shopping. Does he need a tourist visa ahead of time?
  • Hi I have a British Passport ( exp 01/27/10) and hold a permanent resident card for USA ( were I resided).
    Can I enter Canada without a visa? I intend to stay from 01/6 - 01/14. Will I be allowed in even tho my passport is about to expire? too late to apply for the renewal now will have to do that when I get back! Failing that I have a South African Passport but think I need a visa to travel on that? mmmmmmmm
  • I'll be travelling to canada in may 2010, i was wondering because i am transiting through the US do i need to do the travel authorization (ESTA) form? even though i wont be leaving LA airport. I am an Australian citizen.
  • Hola tengo una visa J1 Aupair en los Estados Unidos actualmente, quiero visitar canada e ingresar por tierra por 3 dias, necesito visa?
  • Do you need a visa for canada if you are American?
  • I am purchasing a car from the Boston area and I am from Kansas City. I will be flying in to buy the car (paying cash forit) and drive it home. Along the way I wanted to drive through Niagra Falls and also see Toronto. I will have the title and current insurance for the car on hand, but I was going to place tags from my other car (Registered In Missouri) on my new one to get it home. Is it going to be an issue coming into Canada and returning back into USA? Of course I have a currrent passport!

  • Do I need a passport to enter Quebec from the USA?? I plan on going in May of 2010.
  • do i need a passport to see canadian niagara falls even if i have a green card? by land?
  • Yes you do!
  • I am from India haviing a USA visa stamping in my passport and now I am planning to visit Niagara Falls. Accordingly I also booked a HOtel in Canada (Mistakenly).
    So, how can i visit Canada though I dont have any Visa of Canada. IS there any ways of visiting the country, please confirm...

    Thanks a lot in advanced...
  • Hi,
    I am an indian staying in Minneapolis on L1 visa.
    I am planning to go to Niagara this monthend. I want to get Canadian visa so that I can see Niagara from Canada side.
    What is the best way to get it?

    Any help is appreciated.
  • hi
    i am canadian citizen but my little one passport is exp, it is ok to pass niagarfalls border
  • Suku - your child needs a passport for sure..
  • Can I drive to Niagara Falls with a U.S. Birth Cert. and a valid driver's license?
  • I am an American Citizen.
  • I am a British citizen, visiting the USA under visa waiver programme. I have a valid I-94. I want to visit canada with my canadian friends for a weekend by land. I have enquired and now know that, i do not require a visa to enter canada if you have british passport, but i would like to know if i will be allowed back into the USA (at the border) on my return.Thanks
  • My family is going to the Granby Zoo in Canada. My Husband, and 2 children all have our birt cert. My mother and father have pass ports and my sister and her daughter have birth cert. along with military ID. All adults have our driving license on hand. Will we have any problems. We dont want the kids to get upset if we can't get there. We were told by my brother who is a VT state trooper that there is a Federal law that states if we have proof of US citizenship that they can not deny us entry back. I realize that we may be held up.
  • I have just booked a car to drive from NY to Toronto and back to NY. I am now unsure if there will be an issue driving through the two borders. I have an Australian drivers licence and will sort out an international licence just to be sure and plan on only staying in Toronto for 2 nights. Any advice would be great! Chris
  • Hi
    i want to visit Niagra falls ( dun go into Canada) but i don't have US green card or passport.
    Can i go there with only US ID?

    Please, reply me ...
    Thank You
  • hi i am a Irish citizen on a J1 visa in America at the moment! i want to go visit Niagara falls at the weekend and am wondering if i can go across the border to see the falls from the Canada side and return back onto the American side within the same day or do i need additional papers for this trip?
  • Hi All,

    Just wondering, had a read through but the answer wasnt clear, I am an Australian citizen travelling to the USA on the Visa Waiver program, and we are wanting to visit Niagra Falls. We have been told it is a lot better on the Canadian side. Do we need to organise anything to be able to cross into Canada, such as a Canadian Visa? I don't wanna cross into Canada unprepared or without the correct documentaton!
    If anyone could shine some light on the subject that would be FANTASTIC!

  • does a british citizen require visa to enter the USA from canada?
  • Hello
    Holding a US greencard and going to Canada, do I need a visa?
  • What passport do you hold? The Greencard does not equate to any travel rights - it is justa work and residency status.
  • Egypt passport -
  • Hi - you don't need a visa for Canada if you hold Greencard. See here for official confirmation:

    Enjoy your visit.
  • thank you David
  • I have no passport and only my license and a copy of my birth certificate. What are the document requirements to visit canada and return to the US from niagra falls.
  • I have a single entry into canada and multiple entries into US for my holidays right now.i am in canada right now as we speak which means my canadian visa is no longer valid for anymore travel.i plan to go to seattle for a weekend (drive there) and come back to canada for few more days before going to NY.will i need another canadian visitors visa when coming back from seattle to canada?
  • I'm a Canadian PR, I went to US for shopping in Dec. I didn't return my I-94 while returning to Canada as I was planning to go back to US in April (Within 6 months). Now I can't go to USA. How should I return I-94?
  • I am a ugandan in US on a J1 visa and I want to visit my sister in canada, do i need a canadian visa before I TRAVEL?
  • Hi I am on H1 in USA and planning to visit Niagra Falls NY, when I look for directions on google map it shows I have to cross through Canada, otherwise If have to be in USA I have to drive extra 3 hours because I live in Detroit MI, I have a valid US driving licence do I need a visa to cross through Canada?
  • Hi,

    I am an indian citizen and will be visiting the US on a tourist visa next month. Can i cross over into Canada from the Niagara fall border? What documentation do i need?
  • Hey,

    I am an Australian citizen. I will be travelling through the US for 3 weeks and then heading up into Canada for 1 week and then coming back down into the US for one more week before flying home...

    When it comes time to cross the US-Canada border, is my passport all I will need???
  • Hi David,my name is Kathy.I am a us citizen.I have a NYS drivers license.But I do not have a EDL.My husband has a passport but no green card yet.His passport is up to date.Can we cross over into Canada & back to the US without any complications.Please you
  • Im visiting Canada in november for 3 weeks, Will i be able to drive across the boarder into the states to go shopping for the day without applying for visa's etc?
  • What is your passport?
  • UK Passport
  • Then you don't need a visa ...
  • Hi....I have lived in Canada for 33 years, hold a valid British Passport and a PR Card, would these documents be sufficient if I were to cross the US border for 1 day of shopping....thanks.
  • Hi
    I am a british citizen with a british passport still valid for another 8 years I am visiting Vancouver in December and would like to cross into the US to visit Seattle for an overnighter during my stay can anyone please let me know what I will require to cross the border.

    Many Thanks

  • Hi David I am a canadian resident holding a permanent residency Card, can I enter the canadian boarder with my PRC or do I need my passport
  • Sorry I am driving back from the US

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