Weather in Rome in December and March?
  • I would like to go to Rome in December or March, but would like to know which of the months are more likely to rain and bad weather.
  • i think the best time to go to Rome is August-September. But if u you ask about December or March, i would recommend March.

    Jessica Smith
  • December in Rome
    Min/Max: 4-13 °C
    Rain: 111 mm

    March in Rome
    Min/Max: 5-15 °C
    Rain: 68 mm
  • I'm going on honeymoon to Rome late in December. Any idea how the weather would be? and based on that, what would be the recommended activities?
  • My husband and I are going to Rome in middle of January for 3 days... Do we have enough time to visit all the main attractions?
    Is it worth pre booking a taxi transfer from the airport to the city and are there some companies better/cheaper than others?
  • Hi 3 months wouldn't be enough time to see Rome but 3 days should get you St Peter's, Colosseum/Forum and a tour round to other attractions.
    The Leonardo Express goes from the airport to Termini station quickly and isn't expensive, you can buy tickets from shop near platford.

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