Entry requirements to UK from USA
  • i need to enter the UK to stay with my pregnant girlfriend who is a UK Citizen. I have one recent minor felony against me in the US I am a US Citizen. I need to know the length of time I can stay legally over there before I have to return and when I can then make a return trip and stay again. Also what requirements are needed for me to enter the UK.
  • I beleive not however, YOu should check the Embassy before you go
  • If you are a US citizen holding a US passport then you do not require a visa to visit someone in the UK and may stay legally for up to 6 months.
  • when an american visits the uk but is thinking of remaining here what do they have to do before the 6 months is up,and when they come here do they have to have a return ticket to be alowed in.
  • You do not have to volunteer your minor felony experience to enter the UK for a visit. For a residence permit, that may be different, but never volunteer information to any country that your not asked about. You do not need a visa to enter the UK. They will stamp you in for 6 months upon arrival as long as you have a return ticket.
  • if you are a us citizen and can proof that, you may stay up to 6 months.
  • -Actually, I was just there and tried to do just that. First of all, I was questioned in-depth initially upon arrival; asked to prove how much money I had in the bank and on my person, show my return flight, show my employer was expecting me back, all of which I did readily provide. Then customs and immigration CALLED my job AND looked it up on the internet, AND called the folks I was staying with in the UK. I was honestly there to vacation and travel. When I left for a weekend trip over Easter, I was denied entry back into the UK from the port at Calais, removed from my tourbus, separated from my group, detained for six hours, fingerprinted, escorted from the premises by French police, and denied entry again two days later after I had retrieved all those same documents proving that I was self-supporting. I was told it wasn't believeable that a woman my age wasn't there looking for work (even after providing bank records). I had to make my way to Paris and then back to the U.S., ending my once-in-a-lifetime trip. Btw, I don't have any felonies, I'm a white, middle-class, middle-aged, self-supported school teacher. Point being? They don't have to let you in. It must be said, though, that every single person; agent, officer, etc., was utterly kind and polite and considerate whilst denying me entry.
  • I hope I go to San Diego but every time I say to Consul U.S. law does not allow to go I want to know why does the agent or travel company can I get a visa to the U.S.
    I'm Mohammed from Egypt the city of Cairo to the message I hope I'm in a little time to stop for the souls
  • Hi i am pakistani national and have green card, i want to travel via LHR airport in london thru indirect flight. I also have stay of 48 hrs in london. my question is can i leave airport to see my friends in 48 hours if i get transit visa? or i have to get general visa in order to leave airport for 2 days?

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