Visa overstay info needed urgently
  • I am wondering if anyone has any experience with overstaying thier 90 day tourist visa in croatia as a canadian...I have messed up my dates, and i will be over my time by about 12 you recommend me going to bosnia for a stamp? do they fine? I am totally worried that i have screwed up my plans to return here next year. thanks to all who reply
  • Hi Busybee,

    Funny enough, Im a Canadian living in Croatia for business, so know quite a bit about this. The rules are that you can stay for a maximum of 90 days (3 months) within a 180 day (6 months) period. So even if you go to Bosnia for a stamp and come back in, it wouldn't help. You will have to apply for an extension of stay, however this can be a lot of work and require many documents ! Since its only a 12 day difference, I suggest going into the local police, explaining the situation and see what they recommend. Either way, your fine for next year as long as you're gone for 3 months before you come back.

    Hope this helps and makes sense, let me know otherwise!
    Kind regards,

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