Is Gibraltar worth visiting?
  • I am wondering if its worthwhile spending a few days in Gibraltar. I generally like historical sights and outdoor attractions. Is there enough to see on a trip here? I am also unclear about entry requirements - as a US citizen do I need anything other than a passport to get in? Thanks in advance, BB
  • It sounds like you might well enjoy a day or two in Gibraltar. While you can get a lot done on a single day trip, you won't get everything and it would require planning. So either stay a night or arrive early.

    Historical there will be plenty to interest you, although research to make sure you don't miss anything. Make sure you do both the Great Siege Tunnels and the more recently opened WW2 tunnels.
  • It isn't worth it, in my opinion. Perhaps if you'd had an entire lifetime, but a tourist is always short on time and thus you'd be missing way better places. In the Andalusia region you can visit Seville, Granada, Cordoba or Cadiz, for instance, which are far more interesting cities.

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