Puppies from Cameroon Scam - Lagos pet scams
  • Looks like the puppy scammers have gone quiet for a while...
  • Not so. I believe I just almost got scammed.

    I simply wanted to help these 'nice' people who were '"working for the U.N." and had to leave for Cameroon. They said they brought their 2-13 wk old Maltese puppies with them , only to discover that "the country wouldn't allow the puppies in" and they had "2 weeks" to send them back.

    I said I would take them both. That's when I started getting suspicious. I've traveled a lot and I know that customs does not take credit cards...and you have to pick up live animals...I've never heard of puppies being delivered to your home(?).

    I told them I would not give anyone my credit card number over the phone "for the crate which was broken in transit", and when I had the puppies in hand I would give them a check .

    Then I thought:

    -if someone is smart enought to "fight malaria in pregnant women for the UN," shouldn't they be smart enough to ask beforehand if the country accepts dogs in without complications.

    Here is the correspondence:

    In a message dated 10/18/09 10:42:16 AM, prandysuzane@yahoo.com writes:
    Thanks for the mail and interest in the little girl and boy. I am sorry for the late response,we were busy trying to get some stuffs for our new home. they are 13 weeks old and their name Daisy and Jones. Daisy is our darling angel girl while the male is Jones.We love them so much but its unfortunate that we cant even give them the love and affection we have in our hearts . We are on a volunteer mission to Cameroon together with the UN malaria committee ,in regards to the disease in pregnant women and children. We traveled up here together with Daisy Jones and my daughter. They wont allow Daisy and Jones into the country for reason being that, pets are not allowed into the country from other countries and i have been given a maximum of 2 weeks to send them back to the states. So that is the reason i have to find for them a home back in the states where they will be showered with all that love and affection. Hope you wont mind if i ask you a few questions:
    Do you have kids?
    Do you have any experience with puppies?
    Are you a breeder or will you breed her in the future if i let you have her?
    Will you send us updates about her from time to time and pictures?
    I am just being concerned about the type of home they will be going to ,so that is why i am curious to know. We love them so much and we want to make sure goes to a family that will show them the affection they deserves. They are health guaranteed,A KC registered and will come along with all their papers,diapers,dog blanket,play toys, crate and food menu. They are very playful and go along with kids and other home pets.... They love to be held and cuddled and sometimes wants all the attention for them .. So if you can stand the chance of taking them home, you will only need to buy them a new travel crate because the one she came in with is bad it will cost just $95 for a new crate ,this money for crate will be paid directly to the airport to provide the travel crate ... But i am sorry i first of all need to know the answers to my questions before i will know if we can proceed with the re-shipping arrangements.Waiting to read from you soonest look the 2 puppies and tell which you are interested in pictures are below

    In a message dated 10/20/09 1:57:22 PM, prandysuzane@yahoo.com writes:
    thanks for the mail
    . i am so happy that you will provide the puppy(S) with lots of love and care, given that you are my choice for the puppies i want you to be rest assured that they will get home as soon as we are done with arrangements for the delivery..........well they are 13weeks old and they love to play around kids and other pets at home...Yes the love to go on walk.So i know that you will give them a wonderful home. so how soon do you want the puppies home? and i want you to give me a guarantee that if i give you my puppies they will be spoil rotten with love and care.. so if you have the money for the travel crate ready then get back to me with the following details so that we can arrange for the puppies to be delivered to you.
    your names
    phone number
    home address
    and also with the address of the closest delivery air port by you where the puppies can be delivered. with this information i will be able to book and pay for the travel fee and also transfer the ownership to you.you see i will pay for their flight back to the states while you will only pay for their travel crate ok...So you will pay directly to the airport when they contact you for confirmation of your details yeah it will take some few hours for you to have them ok......the if you are to take them,you are to pay only the $95 which will be for their travel crate ok.

    n a message dated 10/21/09 6:07:12 AM, prandysuzane@yahoo.com writes:
    Hello and thanks for the mail and for getting back to me ok.well i just dropped the puppies at the airport so they told me that they will contact you as soon as possible o.k So please just check your spam or junk folder to see if they have already contact you o.also they told me that you will have to pay first before they can shipped the puppies so please try and check your spam or junk folder and you will see how you will be sending them the money for the puppies ok.also they will let you know when your puppies will arrive the airport ok.so please keep me in touch if they have already contact you ok.
  • The same thing happened to me. I have been receiving calls from Cameroon all day--allegedly from someone at the airport, and they want me to go to Western Union and pay $160.00 to have the dog sent to the US. Another family e-mailed me the same crap. I'm so glad I checked the airport's website and found all of this information. This is such a shame. Thank God I hadn't sent anything yet. The e-mail I received is word for word the same as one that is listed above. What a waste!
  • Hi, I got scammed I was looking for a yorkie and I saw this yorkie for free so I e-mailed her and she said all i needed was to pay 110.00 dollars i e-mailed her i'm still waiting for her response. I said i could come pick the dog up by airplane so.. still waiting but heres what the message said.
    RE: Yorkie?
    From: Jennifer Gunter (teacuponly@hotmail.com)
    Sent: November 28, 2009 1:02:29 AM
    To: blank (cant tell you)

    Hi ,
    I am so impressed with your inquiry about adopting my baby.i have been looking for a home for her for a while now but not only a home but a forever home for her. firstly let me tell you about her.she is called Haily. she is registered with this animal registration club Akc, and is veterinary checked and vaccinated and have all health records till date and housing documents ..... The reason why am giving the puppy out for adoption is because of the poor health of my son with cancer i have not got the time to provide Haily with the care she need and provide her with her necessities that's why i had been looking for a new home for her that will provide her with all the love i want her to experience . i will like you to promise me that u will provide my little cute Haily with all her needs.. She is a very sensitive baby and possesses the following
    -she is house Trained
    -she does not bark a lot.
    -she eat 3 times daily and at afternoons she drink Milk .
    -she is socialized with kids and other house hold pets .
    -she is current with all her shots till date
    -she is a portable Pure Breed Tea Cup baby.
    -she likes to be carried a lot and be spoiled.
    -she likes to be kissed
    -she gets angry when you shout at her, so don't do that please.
    -she is 12 Weeks old and weighs 2.4lbs but expected to weigh upto 4ibs at full grown age like her parents.
    *5 Year Health Warranty
    *Age Level Potty Training
    *Puppy Contract/Guarantee
    *Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (With Shipping)
    *Micro-Chipped (In case ever lost or stolen)
    *Current on all vaccinations
    *Puppy Packet ( Vaccination schedule and history, Crate Training info., Potty Training info.)
    *Travel Crate with shipping
    Haily eat both fresh and dry food 3 times daily and which is good for her health.Right now i have only one option to give her out to you because now i am no longer in the states i am in Great Central Lake British Cameroun(Douala) so the only option is that i will ship her to you and you will be only required to take care of her airfare which will cost you $110 .So in a few hours from now i will be on my way to the insurance because i am new here so i want every thing to go well. So i am giving her out because there is no one she can play with or i am not always at home to play with her .so please i will want you to promise me in Gods name that you are going to take good care of her and provide her with all the love she needs..i will like to know if you have kids who can play with her and take them out for a walk some times.So i am Located in Cameroun and the flight will take a hours duration and that will be very comfortable and safe.So Please i will like to know the following from you to see if my baby will be in good loving home

    1:Are you Married?

    2:Do you have kid(s) if yes how many?

    3:Do you have a large yard that she can play in?

    4:Are you a breeder?

    5:How soon do you want her,will you care for her?

    6:Whats Your Full names and where are you located?

    7:Do you have other pets?

    Would it be possible for you send me monthly pictures so i can know how she is doing in her new home.Sorry for asking such questions but i am just trying to look a good and loving home for my baby she is full of natural beauty. She is very dedicated to what we may ask of her..she is a very kind.She loves to play in the yard, but will always return in minutes for more love and affection.....she enjoys retrieving her toys, but mostly loves the attention from our family..she has always impressed us with her instinctive obedient behavior. With little training she follows commands and will retrieve all day without fatigue.she has a very sweet, innocent look.This goes hand-in-hand with her personality.please if you know that you will not be able to take good care of Haily please don't write me again.
    All you just need to do is to take good care of her she will be yours for ever and she will be a good house pet and she will bring love to your family.You can contact me via email waiting to read from you soon.

    Also I searched her e-mail address up on google and it said she's from mexico, addos, chad, and other countries
  • OMG! I was in the process of sending money for a Yorkshire terrier but the flight information that was sent to me in the subject field said in regards to your Yorkshire Terrier but in the body of the confirmation is siad in reference to your british bulldog. That's when I got suspicious about the whole thing. I email them back and told them what it said and they told me to call the airport and a number they provided me with but was not the number for the airport on the site. I decided to look up the airport and from page said puppies scam! I guess I was one of the lucky ones that did not get caught. Thanks
  • I saw an ad in a UK website for free yorkie pups and sent them an email asking if this was an error as they are expensive dogs in the UK. They replied and stated they had to move and their new apartment does not accepted dogs. When they said the cost was in dollars I tried to tell them no as I know the import regulations in the UK and no matter where the animals come from they must have gone through the Pet Passport Scheme which involves taking a blood sample after a rabies vaccine has been given. The time period for this is SIX MONTHS so they cannot guarantee a puppy had gone through this as it would not be old enough. I have had experience with this as I brought two dogs with me from Canada to the UK. These people will try anything to convince you that they know what they are doing and will have the dog(s) delivered right to your home. Do not give them any info or send them any money as they are scammers. If you want a puppy either go to a reputable breeder or your local humane society. Remember if it sounds too good to be true....it is. Two more names to add to the scammers list is Veronica Moore and Vero Hosia. They said the puppies would be shipped from Cameroon.
  • Just to let all of you out there. The puppy scammers are still at large they almost got me. But I researched on the internet and I call alot of people. They said don't send money. I didn't send any money they called me and I told them they are going to investagated haven't heard back from them sence.They are from Cameroon. There e-mail addresses are (kate_morgan@hotmail.fr) and (pr.rogan@yahoo.com.) So look out.
  • salve ...mi pare di capire che io sia l'ultima in ordine di tempo ad essere stata truffata da queste persone.........
    le loro mail sono
    global.link@europe.com....ipotetico contatto con lereoporto del camerun
    frank.lezy01@yahoo.com...la persona che mi ha sempre contattata....a cui poi ho fatto un bonifico un certo CONRAD FONYUY
    air_france_cameroon@yahoo.fr; ...altro ipotetico contatto con la linea air france che prende in consegna i cuccioli e che ti avvertre che i cuccioli sono fermi in attesa dei documenti......
    questa gente sa il fatto suo e sa come truffare le persone...io sono l'ultima oggi ma ce ne saranno tante altre.......io cmq denuncero alla rete tv nazionale questo fatto per vedere se qualcuno puo fermare una volta per tutte questa cosa.....io ci credevo ma alla fine loro mi han detto GRZIE DI TUTTO......che tristezza.....

    Save ... I understand that I am the last in order of time to have been swindled by these people .........
    their mail is
    global.link @ europe.com .... hypothetical contact lereoporto of Cameroon
    frank.lezy01 @ yahoo.com ... the person who has ever contacted me .... which then I made a transfer a FONYUY CONRAD
    air_france_cameroon@yahoo.fr; hypothetical ... more contact with the line Air France takes delivery of the puppies and kittens that we avvertre that are still awaiting the documents ......
    These people know what's what and how to cheat people ... I am the last Thursday but there will be many more ....... cmq I denounce this fact with the national TV network to see if anyone can stop a once and for all this thing ..... I believed them but in the end they told me GRZIE OF ALL ...... how sad .....
  • I just got contacted by the same scam artist on CraigsList. What can I do to report them as a scam? Here's the email from them and from me...

    While I would love to help you and do pray you find a wonderful home for your pets, I think it would be best for both you and the pups to find placement in TX, with members who remained in the U.S. that are involved in the organization or church you are doing mission work through, or perhaps even place them back with the breeder/agency/previous owner you got them from. Travel of that kind could be quite traumatic and without seeing the pups in person, I am not even remotely interested in putting them through that stress or taking on the potential financial risk should something happen to them en-route. I wish you the best in finding homes for the pups, but be aware that you are likely to be reported due to vicious Cameroon pet animal export scams that have claimed many innocent people of money and ruined their ability to trust in online transactions. It's unfortunate that the airline company that flew you into Cameroon wasn't aware of the country's policy against allowing the importation of animals into the country as it surely would have saved you much heartache and money lost. However, to have taken on the care of such young puppies knowing you'd be committing to such a drastic lifestyle change and moving you to a foreign country that was going to result in removing them from receiving proper health care and vaccination treatment shows a lack of responsibility on your part. It especially doesn't make sense when taking into consideration the questions you have regarding the puppies future lifestyles should I give them a home. Be aware that you may want to contact a rescue organization to assist you because there is a very good likelihood you will be investigated for concern of attempting to operate a scam, however, after doing a moment of research online, I'm sure that none of this information is new to you. I wish you well in your attempts at spreading Good will in Cameroon and should you truly be a resident of TX, perhaps the US will find your work so endearing that they find just cause in relocating you permanently so that you may acquire a legal puppy in your new location.

    From: mycute babies
    To: Erica Allen
    Sent: Thu, January 7, 2010 3:18:25 PM
    Subject: Re: female toy poodle

    Thanks for the mail and interest in the little puppies. I am sorry for
    the late response,we were busy trying to get some stuffs for our new
    home. They are both 13 weeks old and their names Lissa(Female) &
    Lino(Male). Lissa & Lino are our darling angels. We love them so much
    but its unfortunate that we can't even give them the love and
    affection we have in our hearts for them. We are on a volunteer
    mission to Kribi Island Cameroon together with the UN malaria
    committee ,in regards to the disease in pregnant women and children.
    We traveled up here together with Lissa & Lino with my daughter. They
    won't allow Lissa & Lino into the country for reason being that, pets
    are not allowed into the country from other countries and i have been
    given a maximum of 2 weeks to send them back to the states where they
    came from. So that is the reason i have to find for them a home back
    in the states where they will be showered with all that love and
    affection. I am resident in Texas but presently in Cameroon. Hope you
    wont mind if i ask you a few questions:

    -Are You Married?
    -Are you a Christian Family?
    -Do you have kids?
    -Do you Smoke?
    -Do you have any experience with puppies?
    -Are you a breeder or will you breed them in the future if i let you have them?
    -Are you ready for them today?
    -Do you have a Phone # I could reach you at?
    -Will you send us updates about them from time to time and pictures?

    I am just being concerned about the type of home they will be going to
    ,so that is why i am curious to know. We love them so much and we want
    to make sure they go to a family that will show them the affection
    they deserve. They are health guaranteed, AKC registered and will come
    along with all their papers,diapers,dog blanket,play toys, crate and
    food menu. They are very playful and friendly with kids and other home
    pets. they love to be held and cuddled and sometimes wants all the
    attention for themselves. . So if you can stand the chance of taking
    them home, you will only need to buy them a new travel crate because
    the one they came in with is bad it will cost just $120 for a new
    crate for each of them and $240 for both of them since they shall
    travel together but in two separate crates,this money for crate will
    be paid directly to the airport to provide the travel crate & you
    could have them home with you today if you wish. But i am sorry i
    first of all need to know the answers to my questions before i will
    know if we can proceed with the re-shipping arrangements..Waiting to
    read from you soon..Below are some of their most recent pictures.
  • Hi, my youngest daughter so desperately wants a Siberian Husky puppy and knows they are not cheap. After scouring the internet she came across an advertisement offering free pups. She contacted the owners who claimed to be living nearby, she asked if she could go and visit the pups but they told her they were being held at the breeding ground in Scotland (opposite end of the country!)and would have to be transported to her for a small fee. I was immediately suspicious and warned her that it could be a scam. She was adament it was not and carried on regardless. She received information and pictures of the puppy! She persisited with it to the point of them requesting payment up front - TO CAMEROON!!!!! She also received a phone call requesting payment, at this point my husband took over and advised them he was an undercover police officer and they were currently under investigation -they promptly hung up!!
  • Sounds just like the same people that emailed me....im looking for a horse to loan! i got an email from this email address lima.iven7@gmail.com. This is what they sent!
    Bently is an amazing boy who does it all! He is 7yrs-old, 15.3 hands,
    solid black with lots of hair. He has been dressage trained, jumps,
    bareback safe, and is amazingly fearless on trail (will go out alone).
    Loads, baths, and clips like a champ. Is great when turned out with,
    or without other horses. Easy keeper (no shoes required), Fearless,
    and willing to do most anything asked. He LOVES people and does not
    want to let you down. Suitable and safe for an advanced beginner and
    up. If you are looking for a safe, sane, and lovable horse that will
    clean up in the ring this is your guy!!! Serious inquires only please!
    he is also a good jumper
    . Pre-purch vet eval done last week 100% sound easy keeper will come
    with all health papers and a six months health guarantee
    i am giving him up for a adoption only to lovely homes and horse
    lovers and this is because i can no longer ride since because my
    doctor has asked me not to do so since my last accident and also
    because i have plans of relocating to Spain and it will be to Spain
    and i know he will not be happy there since there are no ample horse
    so before we proceed i will like to know the following from you.
    where are you located ?
    do you have any idea about taking care of horses?
    do you have a good place where the horse will be?
    and for what reasons are you interested in the horse.
    can you promise that you will never sell the horse when you get him
    do get back to me with all answers to this questions and feel free to
    ask your won questions so that we can proceed. i will try to get some
    pictures of the horse and send to you.
    have a nice day and stay bless in the lord.

    i told them where i was from, just to get this one after!

    that is great news and i think that my baby has finally found a home.
    i will give him up to you okay
    find attach to this email some pictures of the horse
    he is very good with kids, pets and other horse and will make a better
    home with you. he wil come with tacks and a six months health
    assurance i am located in Edinburg
    you location is pretty far from me okay ,and so for that reason and
    also because of the cold weather condition i will be making
    arrangements with a delivery agency to bring him over to you and then
    all you have to do is to pay for the delivery charges . if that is
    okay with you just let me know so we can proceed!

    yeah ok.... they have never talked to me and no nothing about me so why would they give me a horse!!!!!
    They have now got the same horse called jayden up for sale on horse web Classified Adverts # 14259
    im sorry to all these people that have been scammed by these people.....
    i hope someone catches them.....
  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot!!!
    I was about to make the same mistake.
  • Hi, I have been emailing a lady called Lima Iven also regarding the above horse, Bentley. She sent me emails today and he is gorgeous. All she needs is for me to pay the delivery charges from Wales to NI and I can have him free. I'm going to email to tell her I'm willing to travel to Wales to pick him up and see what happens. Real pity its ascam, the horse is magnificent. :(

    Thanks for the info guys, I'll not be caught out.
  • Found this one on Kijiji January 17. I figured the old saying is true..."If is is too good to be true it probably is!" Can they be reported?
    Subject: English bull dog puppies
    > >
    > > Thanks for the mail and interest in the little puppies.I still have one
    > remaining and It's name is Kenny and it is 11 weeks old. He is a male puppy.
    > love him so much
    > > but its unfortunate that, i can't even give him the love and affection
    > > i have in my heart for him. I am on a volunteer mission to Victoria
    > > British Cameroon together with the UN malaria committee ,in regards to
    > > the disease in pregnant women and children. I traveled up here
    > > together with Kenny
    > > and my 9 year old daughter. They won´t allow Kenny into the country
    > > for reason being that, pets are not allowed into the country from
    > > other countries and i have been given a maximum of 2 weeks to send him
    > > back to Canada. So that is
    > > the reason i have to find for him a home back in Canada
    > > where he will be showered with all that love and affection. Hope you
    > > won't mind me asking you some few questions:
    > > Do you really want to adopt this puppy?
    > > Do you have any experience with puppies?
    > > Do you have kids?
    > > Where are you located in Canada?
    > > Will you consider him as part of your family in future if you take him?
    > > I am just being concerned about the type of home he will be going to
    > > so that is why i am curious to know. I love him so much and i want to
    > > make sure he goes to a family that will show him the affection he
    > > deserves. He is health guaranteed, and will come along
    > > with all his papers,diapers, dog blankets, play toys, crate and food
    > > menu. He is very playful and goes along with kids and other home pets.
    > > He loves to be held and cuddled and sometimes want all the attention
    > > for him self. . So if you can stand the chance of taking him home, you
    > > will only need to pay for his transportation fee.
    > > This fee will be paid directly to the airport providing his
    > > delivery because i did not pay for a round trip when i was
    > > coming down to Victoria British Cameroon. But i am sorry i first of
    > > all need to know if you are interested in the idea before i will know
    > > if we can proceed with the re-shipping arrangements. Also i will need
    > > answers to my questions. Waiting to read from you soon.
    > >
  • They almost just got me. I was looking for t-cup yorkies and this lady named Nacy Bell was selling her two puppies for $180 to change the names over. I should have know it was a scam but she talked so nice and i asked if it was real and she was like " Iam a Christian" and made me trust her. Even my fiance was looking at the emails and he didnt think anything about them. I did proceed to western union to send the money. Which i did. When i retured home i googled "Where is Cameroon? It was in Africa and my friend told me not to buy dogs from there earlier today ao i called western union and got my refund before the scamers could get to the money. Lucky for me i ran acroos thiss website when i googled "should i buy puppies from Cameroon?" Oh man this website was a saver. Even through i will not be getting back the charge service for western union, iam happy. I will be buying one here in the USA
  • oh yeah the wbsite was adoos.us
  • i just got scammed out of 600.00 the same way talk about in this forun.her phony emails were victoriaanimals@zooconsultant.com and pet transport agency@europe.com and they just treid this morning w,are range @ puppies.com all out of cameroon and victoria address said she was out of surrey england,,,,,mw
  • Thanks all of you.. I been in contact with someone by the name of Justin Hepworth from Cameroon-just this morning. Was considering getting a puppy listed in my local newspaper. I emailed him and he sent back a lovely e-mail. Stating how he had just transferred to Cameroon for a new job and found the puppy was being left alone-blah blah blah... After the third e-mail something crossed my mind this puppy is coming from another country-would have to be quarantined. He assured me that it would not have to be since he had just brought from the states in the past few weeks. BIG RED FLAG so I decided to search on line for any scams.. Thanks again everyone-saved me a lot of money. I am going to write my local newspaper informing them of this scam...
  • I think ive just got scammed.
    I was supposevly adopting a Yorkie Terrier
    and i paid $95 for the suppose change of papers then they send me
    an e-mail that i needed to pay the insurance $590
    their i go like nuckkel head and i sent it,
    next i get an e-mail that it was stuck at the air-port and that i needed to pay
    USD1,095 for some vaccines and i dont what else
    these were the e-mail adress:glasgow_uk@in.com

    can some one check or give me an advice to see if its a scam
    but reading all these ppl's comments i think ive got scammed so bad
  • The puppy scammers are not idle. In regards to Golden Retriever pups.... I talked with an Uncle Brazil, Nancy.23111 and an Ana. I asked for phone numbers to make travel arrangements and pick ups with one reply with a 14 digit phone number!!. He was supposed to be from Alabama. Hah! Definately a "turban turner" accent! I told the people through email that I could make arrangements to fly to get the puppy and they could not name the airport or transport service they were using. I have informed Uncle henry's about this scam...hopefully they will be a little more alert about their ad placement people. If it sounds too good to be true..then it is. I "reamed" a woman out about how shameful this was as people get their hopes up to give love and a good home to a future family member and got the reply that she was a good Christian person and sent me pictures of herself. She was pretty AND a blonde. My husband said to heck with the pup, I'll come get you! LOL! Needless to say she has never emailed me again, beware people. BUY AMERICAN!!!!
  • Wow ...I am in the middle of negotions as I type this to secure 2 Yorkie puppies from Cameroon. They very obligingly supplied the airport from which the pups would be shipped so decided to have a look while waiting for them to reply. Guess what I found ????? all of you with your comments. I am so glad to have my suspicions confirmed before I did anything really stupid. As yet they have not given me a name or address to send the money but did give me a dodgy looking phone # and this is the email address that is being used ....pelagielola001@hotmail.com. Thank you all for continually adding your comments and I hope they help others as they have helped me.
  • Are there no Yorkies available in the USA/UK? Why do you need to buy them from Cameroon?? None of this makes any sense to me...

    A good rule in this case is: Do Not Buy Animals Over the Internet!
  • I just wish i'd seen this page 2 days ago when I got hooked in with a cheap boxer dog 15weeks old, he never asked me any questions like the others on here but he told me they were his daughters dogs and she had recently died leaving him with no means of looking after them in his conditions. I had no idea about pet scams so i fell hook line and sinker. more so because I spoke to him on the phone daily for 4-5 days also because they were claiming a cheap boxer dog. Ive lost £280 in all from 2 moneygrams to Cameroon. I was told i had to send another £50 or i would'nt have my dog delivered, but fortunatly when typin a query i had on my laptop i came across this site. I received a call from before I saw this and they agreed to a refund in to my account if i send them my details but when they rung back after i realised they hung up when i asked for a refund. I feel so stupid for being pulled in and myself and partner especially my 2 toddlers are so upset, half an hour ago I should of received my dog! Surely someone can tighten security for moneygram and western union and stop this from happening again. Ive learnt the hard way.....
  • i was scam i send the money now they are threathing me about not paying the paper because the dog is in paris and if she goes to guari i have to pay 1000 dollars a week the email address of this person is nicole.home222@yahoo.com
  • I unfortunately was scammed too! $96 that is in my currency R1600.00 (that's a lot of money)
    I still cant believe it and that after my husband warned me! Here is the first mail from him (Mr. Nsai Jude N.) other names that were used (Mr. Pat Robertson) and the delivery man (he didnt give me his name) but e-mailed me nice letterhead with all the "company details". The asshole even phoned me on my cell phone! I hope we can catch these fuckers!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the mail and the interest in my Kittens.They are still
    available and ready to go.They are Spectacular pure
    registered with all shots,vaccines and vet records available. i relocated to the West Coast of Victoria in Cameroon for an Emigration program, and other issues that will last 2 years so i took my babies with me to keep me
    worm, but we went to a vet doctor a few days ago, and he told us that the rapid climatic changes here in Victoria will not be good for the kittens. We are from California, and we came into Victoria, Cameroon just two weeks ago, and we thought that transporting the kittens back to California will be very expensive, so we are looking for a good home around the African continent to give our babies to any great home, since this will be less expensive . In placing my babies out for adoption,i am looking for reasonable, knowledgeable and cautious person who can offer them tenderness, nursery with lots of love kisses and hugs.These adorable, cute and lovely kittens are about 16 weeks old and would be the perfect match for you. They will be the best playmate you've ever dreamed of. With their great personality and good temperaments with kids and other pets, They would be the one to steal your soul.They would be coming along with their vet records,and all their registration papers attached to their package with lots of play toys.You have nothing to worry about Feeding, because i will also enclose their hand book and feeding menu to their package ok.
    Promise to me that you would shower them with lots of TLC . i would never like that my babies should end up in a shelter or rescue. Feel free to mail me.
    If you are willing to get Molly and Kitty, please e-mail me asap so that i would
    stop all other contacts .If you have any more question to ask i will answer you truthfully and faithfully .I would like to ask you some few
    questions if you do not mind.
    1....Are you a breeder??
    2...have you been keeping pets??
    3...Do you have kids at home?
    4...Are you going to keep them or give them to someone?
    5....How soon will you want to take kittens?
    6 ....Where are you located??
    7....Will afford 96$ for the shipping fee of each kitten?
    8....will be taking both or just one of them?
    Awaiting your kind response.
    Get some picture's below hope you will love and adore them as well.
    thanks and waiting.
    Pastor N. Jude N.
  • 1st of all to DavidF. This puppy supposedly was from the USA. I answered an ad from delvin_dina@yahoo.com and was contacted by Sean Jones who said that he was in Washington. I did not know about Cameroon until I got an e-mail from Dina that the puppy was ready to ship and that I needed to send $253.00, by Western Union, to an address in Cameroon. I had been cautious the whole time of "talking" to Sean and he told me that he is a God fearing person. All I can say to them is, YES, you should fear God because he will deal with you one way or another in His own time. When I read the rest of the scams on people, they are saying the exact same things that were said to me. Thank goodness that I did not send any money. My first instinct was right after all, do not trust people any further than you can throw them.
  • I am still so pissed off about this whole story! I wrote this to Carte Blanche and hopefully we can get these assholes!


    HER NAME IS KAREN karen perez <karenparez@live.fr
  • Has anyone had someone from the website *BUYANDSELL* try to scam you with chow puppies? I had a problem with a man from Ontario, but am now talking with a women from Quebec, she said she has to leave to Haiti this Thursday. I am paying for half the shipping fee and am not paying her for the puppy until I get it... What does this sound like? I thought it might be ok because I dont have to pay her until I have the puppy!
  • I was just reading more of the comments on here and have had about 3 people email that say exactly what you are all saying. Like: are you a breeder
    will you send pictures
    blah blah blah!!!
    I am so mad! I guess I will be canceling another puppy!
  • I too have almost been scammed! I read an ad on simpletrade for 2 yorkie pups $160 each, I contacted the woman and she sent through some very cute photo's of them, rather professionally done too I might add. She told me she is a medical researcher and moved from Sydney to Cameroon and she didnt realise that she needed a pet permit to have the dogs with her. The pups are at the airport and all I have to pay is the crate rent for them.
    She has asked for my full name, address and phone number and then she would send me the details of how to make the payment for them.
    I didnt give her any of my details as 'something' didnt seem right, I decided to google 'pet permits' for Cameroon and this site popped up.

    The name this one is using at the moment is Ashley Zook and her email is ashleyzook@live.com
  • I just got scammed for $100! I was on ODDLE.COM and found a ad of a 10 week old yorkie puppy name casanova for $100. I am very upset! Please people do not fall into there trap. There is no puppy! They are liers!

    She goes by the name Nicole Dallas. Her email is nicole.home222@yahoo.com Please be aware! They will try to convince you by sending picures of the puppy. I dont want someone to go threw what I had to go threw. Its sad and awful. They got my hopes up for nothing. Heres what they do, The lady told me she was headed to the airport and that she dropped my puppy off and that the airport will contact me. Then, a man called me stating he worked at the airport in Cameroon and needed me to send the $100 threw western union because my puppy was at the airport already and when they recieved the money they will ship me the puppy with flight information and details. So I sent the money and once they recieved the money, no one called me and the number they gave me which was (00237)96908292 was all of a sudden not available. They can call you but you cant call them.....YAOUNDE NSIMALEN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CAMEROON PETS TRANSPORT SERVICE DEPARTMENT doesnt even exist!!!. Then, they sent me an email saying that my puppy was on hold because I had to pay for isurance and for a warming crate for her so that it was gonna cost $450 but once I get my puppy they would refund me. Thats when i realized it was a scam and I got very upset and after the person was trying to tell me that it was not a scam and i kept asking for her to send my money and she kept ignoring my question. I came across this website when it was too late and realized i should have done my research first. Many people have the same story that I have. Its true they are a big scam. THERE IS NO PUPPIES! Please people we have to put them to a stop. I learned my lesson. I am also reporting them to oddle.com and yahoo.com.
    Heres an email that she had sent me.

    Subject: Tiny AKC Reg TeaCup Yorkie Puppy For Adoption
    My Lovely Teacup Yorkie puppy is still available for adoption. She is Call Mikaylee or Casanova.She is very cute And Lovely Teacup Yorkie puppy. She is health registered and current on all shots and vaccines.She is an Assertive, Energetic, Affectionate and playful little baby.She has an Excellent temperament,Good pedigree and is house broken and Potty trained.She Just Weighs 2.4lbs So She Should Be Under 4lbs As An Adult.Casanova is a very loving pet especially with kids. she is out for adoption to any home promising to take good care of her.Casanova is 12 Weeks old.I am looking for any lovely home that can take Casanova and give her enough care and attention which she need,i will really love that you promise me that you are going to take good care of Casanova for me,so in guiding me look for a lovely home for Casanova,i will like to know the following from you:
    Do you have kids?
    If so,are they good with pets?
    If Not then Do you have some one that will always play with her?
    Have you ever raised (Owned) a puppy before?
    Do you Own Other Pets?
    How is your Working Schedule?
    Are you getting Casanova For your Self or for Some one Else?
    Do you own a house if so Do you have something like a playground(Back Yard) where you can take the puppy to play on?
    If not then is there some where like a A Park Near Your Home Where You can take her On Short Walks?
    Do you want to Breed her?
    How Soon Do you Want her?
    I will be happy to get these details from you so that it can guard me in making a manual which the puppy can take along which will guard you on basics of taking care of her and also basics on feeding. My reason for Re-homing Casanova is because I just got my Scholarship to further my course in Australia and the Australian Government does not allow Animals to get into their Country due to their Strong Quarantine restriction Law.I am Located in Northern Cameroon where the puppy will be coming from.I love my Puppy So much So i want her to go only to a loving and approved home.You will just have to take care of the shipping fee which will cost $100 for Casanova and you will have to pay the money for the shipping directly to the shipping company that will be doing the transportation.I will be waiting to get these Information from you and you will assure me that you will take good care of the puppy for Me.
    I Wait to read From you ASAP.
    Sounds familar!??? Shes a lier. and she goes by the name Nicole Dallas. and I think its really a man doing the whole scam.
  • I am glad to say that i reported this scam to a program in South Africa called Carte Blanche and it was broadcast last night. I am sad to see how many was scammed but glad to see how many is trying to stop the scams. Thank you all for adding your comments and for warning others. I learned a very expansive lesson! If it sounds to good to be true, trust your gut cause it is to good to be true!
  • Hello,
    I just got an e-mail from an ad in Farmshine newspaper in PA. It stated that there were 2 Teacup Yorkies free and that you were to reply to pmnice2@googlemail.com. Here is what was sent to me:

    Thanks for your interest in my yorkies and I am so glad you emailed in
    Response to the ad. I want you to know that I and my family (my wife
    And 3 kids are on a missionary trip to West Africa) along with the 2
    Yorkshire terrier Puppies. So later on we notice that the weather here
    In Africa is very very bad for the puppies to sustain here with us on
    the missionary trip. So my wife and I decided to ask one of our friend
    in the state to help us put the advert of the newspaper that we are
    Looking for someone to adopt our babies to the state back.

    I am very glad that you are willing to take care of them and
    providethem a good and wonderful home. And we're visiting 5 countries.
    We are giving these puppies out for adoption and we owe you many
    thanks for caring and asking about them. Right now there are so many
    factors and the weather is too hot for them and we don't want them to
    suffer in anyway. We have been praying to have someone who can take
    good care of them and give them all the love in the world. That's all
    they want. We're due for more travel to some remote part of West
    Africa and we Cannot risk taking them along as we know it will have
    adverse effect on them, health wise. We have sent you pictures of
    them; please let us know when you receive it. Can you tell us a
    little bit more about you? Simy is 1.9lbs and while the male Timy
    weigh 2lbs, both are 14 weeks Old they should be to 3 to 4lb range
    full grown, they are potty Trained and very friendly with children
    they fit in the palm of your Hand.

    They’re lovely puppies will come along with all necessary health Paper
    work and Vet Record, Birth Certificate, Shot Book, Travel Crate, Toys
    and Foods. We are going to ship to you via a Deplomatioc Courier
    Service Company with Express Delivery on next day delivery, if You are
    really interested in having my little babies, I want you to Get back
    to me with the below information of yours.

    Your Full Name:
    You Mailing Address:
    Your Tel #:
    Your Cell Phone #:
    The Nearest Airport to You:

    Provide me with the above details of yours to proceed in the shipment
    of the puppies to you, they are priceless to us, therefore we are am
    Giving both for free, so I will like you to get back to me with your
    Full name and full address including your nearest airport so that I
    Can find out shipping cost. Please, note that we shall both split and
    Pay the shipment fee to get the puppies to you as we are not sure of
    The shipment cost and we don’t have big money here yet as we are on a
    Missionary mission and we have to limit our spending for now and, not
    Until we get paid.

    Thanks again for your love and care for our adorable babies! We will
    Be looking forward to your response.

    Thank you and Remain Bless

    Rev Morgan
  • I cant believe these guys are still operating!They know people is on to them but they don't even look scared!!! What is wrong with mankind????
  • i am in the process of speaking with someone from camaroon and i had a bad feeling about it from jump, and after reading posts here i know i will not be putting myself or my mother in a position of having our money stolen and our hearts broken, this is for 2 yorkies at $110 each, she claims to be a dr there. the email address is dr_patou@yahoo.com and she claims the dogs would be flying with pets delivery agency out of nsimalen. please do not fall victim to this woman. there is another in NY that is using Skynet International as their carrier, they want $50 per puppy.
  • the woman actually had the nerve to send me a copy of the "ownership document" that needed to be transfered, too bad the dogs names and other info wasnt on it. if she owned them, it would have been all filled out and there would have been 2 docs not just the one....dumbass
  • I have been almost scammed by the same ASHLEY ZOOK (quote VJ) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    she is using the email ritableck@live.com now !! DO NOT FALL FOR IT!
    it was EXACTLY the same info that she provided me as with VJ's but it was two 14 weeks old golden retriever puppy named Randy and Ruby.
    I have been contacting her for the past weeks through email and she seemed like a really friendly seller by providing photos and answering all my questions.
    I was stupid enough to provided her with my details but luckily i searched up the pet cargo services D.I.A.P.C.S. on google before i made the payment through western union!
    PLEASE BE AWARE of ashley zook the SCAMMER!
  • Same situation here's the convo:
    Thanks for the mail and your interest towards my puppies haily & hope. They are still available to any family prepare to provide them with enough care and love, where they will be well spoiled with all their need.hope is a male and haily is a Female, All of them are 11weeks old, weight 1.5bs and will be 3-4lbs at full-grown. They are champion bloodline, registered AKC, vet check, updated in all shots. Well-tamed and potty trained , good associate of kids and other house hold pets also very Energetic and eager to learn.
    They are intelligent, independent and courageous. Quick to determine where they fits in a household's "pack." Good companionship and friendly towards new people.

    To begin we shall like to know more about you.
    -Are you a breeder?
    -Are you familiar with Yorkie Puppy?
    -Do you have kids?
    -Do you have a Vet Doctor?
    -What is your occupation?
    -Give me a Brief Description about your Environment?
    -Were exactly are you located?
    -Which Sex Of Puppy/Puppies are you interested in?
    -Can I have your Phone Number to call you?
    -How soon do you wants the Puppy/Puppies?

    Sorry for all this Questions (we mean not to offend you) but just that we really need a loving and caring home for this puppies. What makes us willing to give out the puppies up for adoption is that we are presently on a Volunteer mission for the World Health Organization (WHO) on the Eradication of the Malaria Parasite on pregnant Women in western region of Cameroon, the pregnant women here are suffering with this disease, we decided to go on Volunteer and the WHO was our catch since we loved helping Sick people, Our duty here is tight up that we even regret bringing the Puppies over with us. So we will very much happy given them out for adoption as soon as possible to reduce our work load..

    We are looking for reasonable, knowledgeable and cautious person who can offer them tenderness, nursery with lots of love kisses and hugs to pay just a Re-homing and transportation fee of $100 for each of the puppies and you are paying to the transport company I had this puppy like a gift so know.. nothing much about the parents .. We are not out to make money from them since they where just like our own children and has been our perfect companion, our main concern is to give them the best they ever want.. all we will like to here from you is to Promise us that you would shower them with lots of TLC .And we would never like that our babies should end up in a shelter or rescue.., feel free to mail us. If you are willing to get them, please e-mail ASAP so that we shall stop all other contacts .If you have any more questions to ask we will answer you truthfully and faithfully...

    Name of contact ... Joy Mah
  • I was on Puppy find and i seen a advertisment of a yorkie for adpotion for $100 i thought my kids wuld like a lil puppy.So i emailed her she goes by the name of Nicole Dallas and she said she had to get rid of the puppy becase she was goin back to school and she culdnt take the puppy with her i started asking questions and she never replied and then i looked up her name and found this web site ! This is a worrible thing to do to people this just shows u cant just nobody ! And she was from Cameroon Africa. I didnt give her any info about me Thanks guys for posting this if it hadnt been for this web site i wuld have fell for the scam.

  • Well I am joining your club...I was scammed big time....all the way to falling for the insurance and the permit to get the dog in the US.....Stupid me...but they didn't stop there. They went on to say the dog was quarantined in the US and they were trying to work it from their end.....then got an email they needed my photo id so they could get an international permit so I could get the dog!! BIG FLAG!! Told them I was going to call a relative at the US dept of interior and the FBI headquarters and told them to stop contacting me.....Wish I would have found this beforehand.....big lesson learned!!
  • I was scammed from a guy called apparently Paul Jackson, or Paul Scott Jackson. Pauljacs@hotmail.com, Pauljacs@gmail.com
    I sent him a phone about 350dlls.
    Address in Nagod Nigeria:

    28, Oke Street Pedro
    Somolu, Gbagada Phase 1
    Lagos State, Nigeria

    Phone 234-813-8381234
  • these people are totaly scammers they tried to tell me they had a pug that was in newfounland and that i had to pay $190 for shipping but theairline they told me does not fly in canada and the phone number they gave me was not in service and was also not from canada it was from washington state they wanted the money sent by western union i hope one day some one finds these people and be the you no what out of them as they got my ten year old daughter very upset as she really wants a pug puppy sl137@shaw.ca
  • I am from WA State, I hope that guy doesn't use my private information for something illegal. I learned my lesson. Never ever trust anybody over the phone or internet. Even if you have meet the person.
  • Hello! I just go scammed by a Lisa Merylin ( and almost by a Kelsey Thersea) regarding a Siberian Husky puppy. DO NOT believe they're emails. I've made a complaint to BBB and the Federal Trade Commissions!! They will take you for as little as $120 first, then keep asking for more and more money, so the puppy can get to you. These people will also say in there email about Life Insurance is needed to ship the pup. The email said "they will care, feed, and water the puppy until you take custody of the pup." So BEWARE!!! Do your research on EVERY aspect of what you are getting in the emails. I also had 1 other email from Kelsey Thersea and her wording was VERY similar to the email from this Lisa. I had some bad feelings initially, yet more last night after the money transfer. Never wire money thru a Money Gram or Western Union. Also if get scammed, REPORT it!! They ask for details of the contacts and money. Keep your emails, names, and phone number, wire information, and so on. This helps the Bureau and Federal Trade Commissions track these Scammers down. I ask for anyone reading this to say a small prayer for my 7 yr old son, who is heart broken since this has all transpired. It's awful and disrespectful. What a hard lesson for a 7 yr old and his 1st dog.
    Thank you for the people who have commented. I will say a prayer for you all and ask for better guiding when it comes to these things. God Bless to All!
  • Also the company transporting the puppy is ""Delimin Pet Relocators" out of Kumba, Cameroon, Africa. They will get you an official looking email for payment that goes through Western Union. My receiver for payment was a Kassi Eve Romanie at the city listed above. Also, ask for Airline Name, and you should also have a Airway Bill Number from the Cargo from the Airline. You will find out that the initial time they contact you it will be from an "Unavailable" number. Although the 2nd contact was from a US Cellular phone, yet when you try to call them back, the number is "Not Inservice." I'm so thankful I didn't lose anymore more money than the 1st transfer, which was $120. SOmetimes, we are too trusting as Americans, and other times we are so Guarded/Suspicious about our decisions. It's crazy. NOw, I'm so SUSPICIOUS of everything, which can not be a good thing to teach my son. So sad and disappointing. Thanks for reading. God Bless!
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