Entry info to Ghana and Ivory Coast
  • Please I need information regarding visa to entry in Ghana and Ivory Coast.
    I am holding French Passport and currently living in Dubai, UAE. I would like to visit Ghana and I vory Coast for a short business trip.
    I have checked that these two countries has no consulate or embassy in UAE.
    Pls to anyone who can provide me with the necessary information.

    Thank you.

  • Thine,

    If you are a French national you do not need a visa for Ivory Coast, and for Ghana, a visa can be issued on arrival for a fee of USD100. I would make sure of this informaiton further by contacting your embassy in UAE - they can verify this information before departure.
  • I am about to apply for a job in Ghana. Am a holder of Philippine Passport and currently live here in the Philippines. What are the requirements? How does my visa be processed and how many years would I be allowed to stay there in my first entry?

    Thank you very much.
  • Hi, I am planning to visit Ghana in the early part of 2009. I am a UK citizen, can you please tell me what is required to enter, and where and how I can apply. Many thanks

  • Hi I'm a Guest to this site ,and I'm writing on behalf of a Friend whom recently traveled to the Ivory Coast on a business trip and the Customs Department has billed him 5,000USD to clear his stuff, he has paid already 2,000USD and still needs 3,000USD, but this humble Christian Gentleman needs some Assistance in clearing his belongings from the Customs Department .This man wants to go back to his country in America can you please direct me to some assistance for this friend and he's soon to be a Dad please help.
  • Hello,
    Are there any Labor Agencies in Dubai that provide french-speaking maids/nany from any francophone country in Africa ?
  • Hi,
    I am planning a business to Abidjan, Ivory Coast, within the next 2 weeks, but there seems to be no embassy or consular services available in Dubai! Can anyone advise me on how I should obtain the business visa, and what are the requirements?


  • Hi,

    I forgot to mention, that I am an Indian national, and hold an Indian passport! I am employed here in Dubai, UAE, and hold a resident visa!


  • I m having resident visa of UAE and holding Indian passport, wish to visit Ghana, Ivory Coast & Togo in 2 weeks. Can anyone guide how to obtain visas for them as well inter-traveling among the countries.
  • I have an Indian Passport and am currently residing in Bahrain. I woould like to travel to the Ivory Coast for a short visit. How do I obtain a visa for entry?
  • hi ,
    i am german citizen living in london, I would like to visit
    Abidjan Ivory Coast, so can any one tell me wether I need visa?


  • haybe - yes you need a visa, you can apply at the Ivorian consulate in London.
  • Hi,

    I'm Portuguese and would like visit Ghana as tourist short visit, in Portugal no Ghana Consulate, can I obtain my entry VISA at Accra airport?
    Thank you
  • I'm a vietnamese, live in Vietnam. My boyfriend is Bangladeshi, he work in Ericsson will come Ivory Coast in this month december -2009 for long time. I want to come there with him. In my country have no embassy of Ivory Coast. I see in Singapore have embassy of Ivory Coast. I can appy visa online or i must come Singapore to appy visa to come Ivory Coast. I want to get visa tourist of Ivory Coast.
    Everybody can help me about that, give me some information.
    Thank a lot of.
  • Hi dear friend !!1
    I plan to send my son who is 7 years old ,US citizen to my country Ivory Coast for a 2 months vacacions to visit and meet my parents,(his grand parents) .
    What's do we need to do to get properly prepare for this travel??
    He 'll travel by him self.
    Thank you friend.
  • Hi
    My name is karthik ,i got a job from ghana ,sal is $500 plus accomdation,food,local salary they paying . It possible to live in ghana. how indians are safe in ghana
  • Helo Karthik
    Surprised to know you are willing to go in Ghana for a meagre salary of US$ 500 !!! Are you working as a bonded labour currently? Hey man, have some dignity and do not settle for this small amount. By the way, can I ask what job they have offered you? You can get a more decent salary/income if you really have some good things in you. I am available on anildel@yahoo.com.send me mail if u wish.
  • I think the passport holders of the France do not need any Visa to enter in the Abidjan. These people have entry for Abidjan. I think you will not face any difficulty while traveling to Abidjan . hope you will enjoy it.
  • I have a South African passport and want to visit the Ivory Coast for a little holiday. Do I need a visa, and if so where do I obtain it. I am also a residing in Dubai.
  • could any one advise if there is a problem with leaving later from ghana. I have a multiple entry visa but would like to know if I can leave later than indicated on my entry form
  • Hey,

    I am Tunisian Citizen and residence of Dubai, I needs to go for business trip to Ghana, do any one know how to get the visa as there is no consulatr or embassy in UAE.
  • Hi,
    Am Tanzanian,currently living in UK Wales,i need Ivory coast passport I don't know how i can get it ASP
  • Am Tanzanian,currently living in UK Wales,i need Ivory coast Visa I don't know how i can get it ASP
    N.b ignore the fist msg
  • Am an Ethiopian Nationality and resident of Dubai, I need to go to Ghana for a business trip how can i get the visa as there is no Embassy or Consulate in U.A.E Can any one help on this?
  • i am ivorian resident in Ghana, do i need a visa to go to kenya?
  • I m having resident visa of UAE and holding Indian passport, wish to visit Ghana, Ivory Coast & Togo in 2 weeks. Can anyone guide how to obtain visas for them as well inter-traveling among the countries.
    Byragoni S G
  • hi any one can let em know i have a residence visa of uae and holding a pakistani passport i already travel to kneya, german and uganda now iam planing to visit ghasna and cameron will the visa will be on entry
    if yes pl mail me on alseebal@yahoo.co.uk
  • I am in ghana and i can guide for anyone will like to come in
  • I have a togolese nationality, is it possible to apply for a ghanaian nationality
  • I am an Indian and specialized in SAT & TOEFL. if you are in Ghana or coming from outside Ghana please contact me for registration and tuition.

    The privilege of you being in my institute is having free counseling concerning your career and processing of your documents to get a school abroad. contact dk_pyne@hotmail.com
    00233279843533, 0541361842
  • I am a citizen of Accra, Ghana, do I need a passport and a visa to visit Naorobi, Kenya?

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