Family Ski Holiday and accommodation in Killington, Vermont?
  • Hey all
    I've already bought my plane ticket and Im heading to Killington, Vermont to enjoy a ski holiday with my family. My kids aren't too young, 10, and 13, and they've been skiing before so I'm hoping this resort wont be too overwhelming for them?
    I'm looking for a good, central accomodation or lodging that is also child-friendly, but one that isn't too close to all the nigtclubs and bars. I've heard about Comfort Inn as well as the Glazebrook Townhouses, but all I can go on is what sites like TripAdvisor say.

    Does anyone know of some realy good and affordable accommodations that they'd recommend for my family to stay in? We're not looking for too much luxury, but that said, we don't want to go too low-key either.
    Any advice or suggestions will be great!
    Thanks, Lois
  • Check out this site for hotels and even deals where you get free ski passes for kids in Killington or other deals like a romantic package for the adults Enjoy the snow!

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