Is a Visa Required
  • My wife is Malaysian we are now living in the U.K. i am British my wife has permenant residence here in the U.K.

    I used to live in South Africa before i was married i want to go back for a holiday would she need to apply for a visa to go to South Africa for a holiday with her Malaysian passport.
  • My wife and I are coming back to Singapore from India in 2 weeks. How do we get from Singapore to Pulai Desaru Beach Resort in Johor by ferry?
  • After leaving Singapore and clearing Johor Bahru Customs Click on the link below and follow the instructions,

    Regards Zapper.
  • Jack
    My wife is Chinese with permanent residence in South Africa, lived in SA over 12 years.
    Does she need a tourist visa for 7 days in Malaysia ?

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