Ski trip to Colorado coming up!!
  • Planning a trip to Colorado from London to ski in some of that legendary snow. Was wondering when the first snow dumps normally hit - is early December too soon?? As for choosing a resort, price is not an issue, I am more looking for a greta overall experience, so good challenging runs, beautiful resort and not to chic/expensive. There are a lot of resorts - help me choose! Would Beavercreek be a good choice?
  • thats the problem - there are like 25 -30 resorts in the rockies, and only if you've visited them do you know that they're like. i need somewhere with a relaxed, small town vibe, where you can both ski hard and also spend a day just enjoying the place and scenery etc.
  • I like the idea of finding out everything and doing your homework well about a place that you are going to on a holiday especially if it is for the first time!! I have never been on a ski trip before and so I found this question quite interesting though I haven’t done much skiing before!! But I love to be adventurous and try out new places and the Rockies seem to be an ideal destination for any fun loving tourist!! I am also looking for some information about international travel insurance and how benefitial it would be while travelling? Does anyone has any views on it?

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