Requirements for Gambia?
  • Im from Bham, England, UK, Do I need injections for yellow fever?

    Some places state a certificate confirming injection taken is required for entry and others do not????

    Please advise and if possible tell me your source of info.

    Im British passprt holder, just in case you need to know that.
  • Many countries have this requirement, however it is seldom enforced unless you are coming from an area with a known Yellow Fever outbreak. It is worth getting an injection just to be on the safe side. Any travelers clinic in UK, or a GP, can do it. Only a travel clinic can get you the card which proves your injection.
  • I am an Italian passportholder, living in Norway. I have been told that i will need a visa to enter Gambia. I am going on a 8 -days trip, arranged by a travel-agency, so I will be travelling fro Norway. Will i need a visa?

    Thank you in advence.
    Regards Anita Famiglietti
  • Hi Anita, A visa is not required for stays of less than 90 days.
  • do africans require visas to the gambia....particularly nigerian?
  • am a gambian by birth and an american by naturalization. can i use my gambian passport to enter gambia or my U.S passport?

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