Traveling with teens.
  • I am planning a trip to Tioman for next summer.
    If I go in July or August, I can bring my daughters. If I go in September I'll go myself.
    The plan for now is 1 or 2 days in Singapore, 3 or 4 in Tioman, then 1 or 2 in KL and back to LAX.
    My questions are; Has anybody here done this trip lately? Do you think 15 year olds would like the trip?
    I liked it when I lived in Singapore and Sydney, but I was in my 20's.
  • That's a lot of flying time for the kids. But they could love the shopping scene in Sing and KL. I think Singapore is a safe and gentle intro to Asia in general so a good barometer of their tastes before doing a longer trip with them.
  • Tioman is great if you like snorkelling and trekking but obviously not any nightlife or gaming arcades. My kids are 13 and 9 and loved the beach and the water.
    I am a licensed tourist guide here in Singapore so if you let me know the dates you will be here i can show you around email me at There are some great new things to do in Singapore. I have travelled a lot in South East Asia so can give you some ideas on what to do and see
  • Im 17. loved singapore and KL. as david said.. shopping etc is awesmoe. heaps to do..

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