November Honeymoon - U.S. Virgin Islands?
  • My wedding date is November 14th (in Portland, OR [USA]). I'm trying to plan my honeymoon for sometime the following week. I'm hoping to get my bride as far away from the dreariness of the rainy season in the Pacific Northwest on the least amount of money. I have about $850 that I can spend on this. I know I sound cheap. I am cheap. I wasn't even planning on being able to afford ANYTHING, but I experienced a miracle!

    I was looking around, and it seems like the U.S. Virgin Islands may suit my needs quite well!

    I'm looking for the cheapest lodging, travel, and eating; as well as any other helpful information about the area. I'm not super worried about hitting up the most touriisty spots. If there is anything more "tucked-away" that would be stellar.

    Am I asking for too much? or is this all doable?

    ANYTHING helps.
  • check out st john, usvi. it is where u could get the cheapest deals of all vi's. it has beatiful beaches

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