Best time to travel Bali, Indonesia visit
  • We lived there for a year and found it was lovely all year round. Sure it rains but only for a bit(mostly in October-April) and when it stops it dries up really fast and sometimes you never even knew it had rained.
  • Conred Bali beackons from its beach of golden sand ,a highly personalized luxary and timeless style. My favourite place in Bali which you just must go and see is heading West from Denpasar about an hour and a half away a little place called Medewi. Just like what all of Bali was like 25 years ago, amazing. Expect to pay from $30 per night there for accommodation and then everything else costs next to nothing. Medewi is just a small beach in the middle of nowhere which is a great place to try surfing for the first time if there in the off season and the people are incredible.
  • According
    to climate between May and July is the best time to visit Bali and most
    visitors prefer to visit this Island during this time of the year. However, if
    you want to enjoy surfing there then May till October is the best good time to
    visit this wonderful Island. Get more details about its water by visiting:

  • I had a great chance to visit the Bali state of Indonesia this past year through the bus tours. We stay there in a resort near of the Tanah Lot.  It was a rich cultural and romantic one. The place is frequented by lots of tourists and locals, especially during the afternoon hours when the sunset view is breathtakingly magnificent.
  • Hello everyone!

    I have been living in Bali for 2 years now and thus can reccomend that the best time to travel in Bali, Indonesia is summer time - june, july, august. The weather is great and there is much less humidity in the air :), before raining season (before December) and after the raining season (starting from second part of February)!

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    Arina De La Joya
  • hi everyone,

    Get yer trip to Sangihe island. the northernmost part of Indonesia.

    For more details about this island, please visit

    Happy Holiday!

  • thanks min buat infonya
  • If u need some helps for traveling to bali or lombok,, u can ask me .

  • There is no necessarily best time to visit Bali, it has great weather all year round! If you're looking for resorts, let me recommend The Laguna Bali which is great if you're looking for a touch of luxury.

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