Layover in Amsterdam
  • This upcoming January, i will be flying from Moscow back to New York, and I have a 6 hour and 45 minute layover in Amsterdam(dream come true!)
    here's the deal: i am technically a Ukranian citizen but i now permanently reside in New York- and just got the green card not too long ago. Do i need a visa to get out of the airport to go explore Amsterdam? and if so, how do i get one?
  • As far as I'm aware as a Ukrainian citizen you will still be classed as a European, I don't think you need a visa to leave the airport
  • Wrong - Ukrainian passport holders need a visa to enter the Netherlands. Its just a formality to get though - visit a Netherlands embassy or consulate near you in the US.
  • Good point David! Having looked it up you are indeed right... never trust a so called 'expert'!
  • No worries Rachael! Keep your info on Amsterdam coming though, people really appreciate it!

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