Cruising in December
  • We are going on our first cruise on 1st December, doing Mumbai, Cochin, Colombo, Maldives and Seychelles. Can anyone please give me some idea of the weather to expect, as there are so many comments on monsoons in the Maldives that I am worrying about seasickness! Will we need warm clothes as well as casual, summer clothes i.e. jackets and jumpers?
  • You, are going to have a pretty nice trip ! The moonsoon ends in late october, and you will need sun cream rather than warm clothes. Although in the night at sea, it can be humid and chili, but surey not cold.
    Have a nice cruise.
  • Thank you, I need to go and buy the sunscreen and dump the jumpers!
  • hi, im gana be there too at the same time 1st dec.09, but i want to ask about
    (1)the transportation from airport to W hotel, do we have options?? they told us it will cost 400$ from airport to hotel -hotel back to airport!!
    (2) what do we do after sunset :D

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