• There is a young lady I have been corresponding with who is a US citizen presently working in Sth. Africa who wishes to travel to me here In Melbourne Australia.
    She hast stated to me that she has all of her necessary documentation but requres me to send money to her for a PTA (Personal Travel Allowance) She quoted me a figure of $1200.00 USD. I said I could only send $700.00USD. She then responded by saying that amount would be enough.
    My query is twofold 1) Is it a requirement for an American Citizen working in Sth Africa who wishes to travel to Australia to have this PTA to get through Immigration
    2) If this is indeed correct what is the minimum USD amount that is required??
  • Scam! Do not send the money!
  • Bdbona, please do a search on this forum under "PTA" and travel scams. It really does sound like a well worn story from what you've said so far. If she has a US passport there are very few limitaitons on her travel to Aus - no visa or funds are needed.

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