Corralejo at Christmas
  • We're going to Corralejo for Christmas, does anyone know if the restaurants, bars, shops etc close for the holiday period or should we stock up with some supplies beforehand?
  • The christmas theme is very low key, in that you might see the odd christmas tree and a minimalist string of street lighting but, you will find plenty (if not all) restaurants, bars and shops are open. The water park will be closed though. Have a great time!
  • Thanks for your help.........
  • Going to ~Corralejo for Christmas . Never been to the Canaries, or abroad at all at this time of year. Not sure what to pack, clothes-wise. Can I trust the forecasts online?
  • It's our first time too, I know it's looking wet on some days but at least it'll be warmer.
    Lets hope we get some sun, and we hope you enjoy your holiday.

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