visa for Chile
  • Does anyone know if I will need a visa to fly into chile and then leave by land within 3 months, I am a uk citizen
  • You will get a visum on the plane when you fly in, valid for 90 days. If you want to stay longer than that the easiest thing is to cross the border to Argentina, Peru or Bolivia and come back. HOwever, if you are doing this more than twice or three times, you will only get 30 rather than 90 days.

    hope that helps
  • I will be visiting Chile in about 3 weeks. will most of the local stores take visa, or debit visa cards?
  • does anyone know the current cost of a temp 1 yer visa for a UK subject in chile...
  • im from the philippines what requirements do i need to go to chile? im applying for a tourist visa. here is my email add.
  • I'm from the Philippines and I work on a ship. Are we restricted to go ashore in Chile even if it's just for a few hours as our ship is going to Easter Island?
  • Hi all, I would also like some advice about visas in Chile: in particular, does one require a Chilean and an Argentinian visa if travelling in Patagonia? I really want to explore that area but it's unclear to me how visas work. Or is it better to stick to Chilean Patagonia? Which is more rewarding?

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