European Rail Passes
  • I am trying to find out if we can pre-book Rail passes, buses and ferries for my clients for some of the places Infinity cannot help with. They would need Rail passes for Albania, Moldova, Bucharest & Belgrade.

    Then they would need to pre-book a ferry from Sicily to Tunisia and then onto Sardinia.

    A bus booking through to Olbia and then a ferry to Livorno (Italy).
    They are wanting a Cinque Terre walk for 4 days which I wanted to know what we could offer.

    They would also need a ferry booking from Ancona to Split?
  • Hello Lisa,

    Almost all long distance international trains in western Europe (plus many internal trains) now require rail pass holders to pay for either a reservation (costing around 4 euros or £3 on top of the rail pass price) or a special fare or supplement of some sort. Local and suburban trains don't require reservations or supplements.

    As far as pre-booking rail tickets in Western Europe goes, it is possible to prebook a Eurorail ticket throught this site: (see the section 'How to Buy your Rail Pass'). In Eastern European countries, see

    It is not customary to make pre-bookings for ferries and buses as this is usually done on arrival in in the destination.

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