Jo'burg-Mozambique honeymoon road trip
  • I have just been up to the very north of the country - to Vamizi Island in the Quirimbas archipelago. You cant drive there easily - its a very long way on terrible roads. But you can fly. The islands are totally unspoilt with some of the best coral reefs in the world and world-class fishing too. Incredible beaches also.
  • Great idea to spend your honeymoon in Mozambique!!! We did that last year :-) We also just stayed in the north, did island/beach hopping with local fishermen in the Quirimbas (didn´t stay at the super expensive high end luxury resorts... but in local places!) and around Ilha de Mozambique. Nice snoreklling around, too. That´s all really honeymoon-compatible! But since you´re coming in by car the north might be too far away. The beach-destinations in the south must be gorgeous too, but with a better infrastructure.
    On the way to Mozambique you can visit the Kruger National Park (we were not Safari-experienced and enjoyed it a lot. of cousre, you´re not alone there but you can see so many animals - didn´t expect that) and you can visit the Blyde canyon, what´s pretty impressive, it´s just "on the way" to Kruger Park. Didn´t cross the boarder by car, so no info about easy to get Visa there. Try to avoid speeding in ZA... many radar controls!

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