Advice for road tripping the California coast
  • G'day everyone!

    I'm looking to do a road trip of the Califronia coast line in April for about 3 weeks. Planning on visiting San Diego, San Francisco, LA (of course), Malibu and Hollywood, etc. Are there any other stops along the way that we should not miss? Surfing beaches? Cute little holiday towns, etc?

    We're going to camp and stay in backpackers for most of the way and from what we've researched this seems fairly affordable.

    We're also keen to hit Napa Valley for some wine tasting - can anyone tell me if April is a good time of year for wine tasting or doesn't it really matter. I've heard that harvest time is November?? Also - any particular wine farms that stand out above others?

    Any advice/stories/information would be really great - I'd appreciate all the help I can get planning this!

    Thanks so much in advance!
    Jenna-Lee, AUS
  • Hi Jenna

    This is a very late response, but will hopefully be of use to someone else taking a road trip down the coast of California. We did this trip in May 2011 and wrote a summary of our trip on : this post
  • Hi Jenna-Lee

    Regarding wine tasting in Napa Valley, really any time of year is good, the vineyards will always have great things for you to try and buy! I last went in December a few years ago, and though there wasn't much greenery around it was still a very fun experience.

    The Sterling Winery is a must-visit, even though it costs a bit more than some of the others, as you take a cable car up to the winery itself and get beautiful views of the area along with some great wine.

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