Urgent visa question
  • Hello
    I am a lebanese I have visa to croatia and want to travel using hungary airlines my question is: do i need schengen visa if i want to travel using hungary airlines ? am not staying in hungary just airport for couple of hours time between flights.
    Thanks and please if someone with answer be sure its true.
  • hi im joyce from philipines i have a boyfreind in tirana albania .he wants to here by next month but im married here he know that im marriied he wants me to marry and go in albania together but im not annual here .so i told him if i go in his place i go there and we marry in albania it is posible and it is posible that the embassy of albania grant my request to go in albania pls help me
  • hi Joyce...tell ur boyfriend to send u a invitation from tirana and and u have to go to Albanian embassy to aply for a visa(im not sure if there s a Albanian embassy in ur country)If u have a valid schengen visa,,u are free to go without visa in Albania.

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