Italy trains from civatvecchia
  • we are travelling to italy in july
    taking a cruise first (civatvecchia) and then staying on in italy for a week - leaving out of Rome to venice, florence, etc.
    wondering when and where would be the best place to get train tickets - as i am unsure if trains fill up pretty quickly in july
    should i get them pre cruise at the civitavecchia train station ?
    i know i can get them on line on Trenitalia but dont know if my credit card will work ?

    any suggestions
  • Dear Roopat, There is a risk of the most convenient train being full because many travellers on the cruise ship will plan to get the same train. Good news is that the trains are very frequent and you should be able to book with your credit card. The Trenitalia web address has recently changed ( traditionally you pay online by credit card and then go to the ticket vending machine on your arrival and insert your card to get the tickets printed.

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