best time to go to Tunisia?
  • Tunisia is very safe for family holidays, every hotel has security at the entrance and they take their job seriously, 
    Your children will enjoy the "Noddy trains" that go between Sousse and Port El Khantoui and stop by most of the hotels. Much cheaper than taxis.

    The weather will be sunny and warm around 20C in the day but you will need a cardigan at night.. Have a lovely holiday.
  • Can you tell me if theres a peak time for mosquits in the souse area of tunisia...I am going the first two weeks of june to the hotel thalassa...thanks gary
  • I have have been to Tunisia in the winter and the summer and have never been bothered by mosquitoes. In fact I don't remember ever seeing one and I have travelled extensively not just sat in my all inclusive hotel

    The Tunisian government have an insecticide programme which is used to exterminate mosquitoes.

    If you are concerned take a plug in repellant or buy a repellent from a local pharmacy called Mousitcalm and if you are bit you van buy Parfederm locally and it works very well.
  • Best time is for Tunisia is in May i can not go for the visit but my class mate was visit he said to me that beaches in Tunisia is best place for relaxing..
  • Hi all...
    Me and my husband and my 7 year old little girl are coming too Tunisia the 25th of June this year for 2weeks we are staying in the suhara beach resort just wondering what it's like and will it be rather hot at that time so looking forward to it
  • If you are staying at the Sahara Beach in Skanes near Monastir you will have a lovely time. Its an all inclusive family resort.. Its a large complex ,nice beaches and plenty to do. The temperature will be around 28C during the day warm and sunny. Have a super holiday.

    There are lots of reviews regarding this hotel on Trip Advisor check them out.
  • Aww thanks alethia so excited will have a look thanks
  • Good idea friends Hammamet is really a beautiful town in Tunisia. I visited this region last month and had a great experience of Bardo Museum. For those who are interested in history and want to know about the history of the Tunisia Bardo museum is suitable for a visit. The museum is open every day except Monday. Prior to independence, the Bardo Museum is a palace of the Bey (the title King of Tunisia). In this museum was store of historical civilizations that once lived in Tunisia. 
  • Just so you understand that the Bardo museum is not in Hammamet but in our capitol, Tunis. Tinis is also a fantastic city to stay for a few days, beautiful historic souq, mefina and kasbah where you can find history around every corner.
  • I have also visit these place with my wife in December.Where we are very doing too many fun and enjoy.Its really very good weather.I don't know anything about the hotel but given that it is new I would
    say it is going to be very nice. I'm guessing that it's in Hammamet?
    This is a very nice area with lots to see and do.

  • I can't wait going to be In Mazzouna Tunisia for a couple months visiting my husband INSHALLAH!!!  Hope the weather is great
  • Hi I'm flying to Tunisia next week for 2 weeks what will the weather be like ?
  • You're visiting in the tail-end of the peak tourist season and it will still be very warm and sunny, but a bit less so than the peak summer months. Temperatures in September average between 19C and 30C. It's a very good time to visit Tunisia.
  • Ok lovely still warm enough to get a suntan lol
  • Becky......depends where you will be in Tunisia. For the most part Ella is correct but the further south you go, the hotter the days.
  • I'm going to sousse
  • i never visited Tunisia. Should I go there? when it is best to go there? any historical building or place there? any suggestions or tips?
  • Becky, the weather will still be quite hot and you can swim. Sousse has a lot to offer so I hope you leave the resort and walk around the medina and souq area. It is very historic. Have a great holiday
  • Jerry, you should cefinitely come to visit us. Tunisia is very historic, our history is thousands of years from the original inhabitants, the berber, phoenicians, byzantines, romans and Arabs. There are many historic cities and sites, beautiful beaches, ancient souqs and medinas. Of course we also have modern beach resorts so there is something for everyone. I hope you decide to come and visit, you will find a very warm welcome.

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