getting married overseas
  • Hi my Fiance is currently living in London on a highly skilled working visa. He has been there for about three yrs now. I am a Canadian citizen and have lived in Canada all my life. Our final destination will be Australia as he is a permanent resident of Australia. We plan on moving there shortly after we get married in June 2010. However, is it possible that I would be able to go to London once we are married for a short period of time? We were thinking that it would be best if we spent about a month in London after we get married only to gather his things/pack etc and then move to Australia from there.

    My concern is that if I start the process for my Aussie visa, will I be able to go to London once we are married for even a month?
    Thank you
  • Hi there,

    Canadian nationals need only a valid passport; a visa is not required to enter the UK. UK Immigration officials will decide on length of stay up to six months depending on reason for travel.

    See our Visa information for the UK here.

    Does this answer your question?

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