Australian to mexico - visas and inoculations??
  • I am travelling to mexico via LA potentially for 2 nights. Does anyone know what requirments do i need to travel LA for those two days visa wise etc? also what documents do i need to take with me from australia to get an fm3 while im over in mexico?? any advice on anything mexico related would be appreciated as this is a trip i am taking in 15 days and still havent booked my flights!!! Also does anyone know what vaccinations i need for mexico??
    Any help would be amazing
  • Hi,

    Firstly, if you are Australian then you do not need a visa to enter Mexico. Secondly, why do you want an FM3 Visa if you are only going for 2 nights? An FM3 is for permanent residence. And for 2 nights only, I doubt you need inoculations, but best speak to your local doctor, and/or travel clinic.


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