Do i require a Visa to enter Egypt?
  • Hi! I'm a Filipino Citizen working as a nurse in Saudi Arabia. I'm planning to visit Egypt am I eligible to have a visa upon arrival in Egypt Airport? Thanks!
  • Hi, i have a Kenyan passport but i live in Norway. Would like to take a rip to sharm el sheik for one week. Do i need a pre visa to get there? Thanks.

  • Hi, im returning to Egypt in December 2011 and have been told u can o longer get a visa on arrival at the airport. Is this correct and i also need the visa for 42 days,what should i do ? Im Australian.
  • hi sara,
    actually it's not confirmed yet and they still discuss it , however most of people think that it shall be refused because of the charter flights which is not a planned trip and people can travel at anytime they want getting vis on arrival.
  • Moses
    Still not sure if that is a yes or no on getting the visa on arrival? Im holidaying and its my 4th trip.
  • no sara,
    you don't need to do it abroad as you can get it on arrival and have a nice vacation, may i know which places shall you go in egypt?
  • Moses,
    Thanx for the help. I will hopefully travel to Sharm and Tanta after staying in Cairo for a while. It's still a bit unsettled there so hope it will be safe. I will stay with a family i have known for 4 years and en shalla have a great time and rest.

  • Hi! I live in sweden but i have a croatian passport and i am traveling next month to egypt to sham el sheikh! can i buy a visa when i enter the country or do i need to do something before?
    can somebody help me? Thanks
  • hi marca,
    don't worry , you can get visa upon arrival.
  • i have a Canadian passport do i need a visa to go to Egypt on a Vication
  • hi im a bulgarian citizen do i need visa to go to egypt or i can take visa in airport ? thank u
  • I and my son are British and are coming to Egypt in August 2012 how do we get a visa. Can we get one on entry at the airport.
    Thank You.
  • Hi, does NZ passport holder need to have visa to Egypt? Can we obtain visa upon arrival?
  • I am travelling to sharm el sheikh with my husband on holiday for 7 days, I have a uk passport, but her has a brazilian with a UK passport, we keep getting told conflicting information so just wanted to know if we need to apply for a visa from him from the consulate or whether he would be ok to get one on arrival in sharm, we only intend on staying in resort so wont be travelling anywhere.. ?

    Thanks.. Sam
  • @ sami no problem he can use the UK passport and about the visa u can get it from the Airport for the booking in resort in sharm El skeih we can also do it and send all information if accepet we can email me at
    waiting your soon reply
  • @ lizzie did get ur question
  • @ raminator you can take it from the airport front your arrive
  • Hi am a filipina and iam intending to go to sharms el shiekh only for a day to meet my egyptian fiance, am a nurse from saudi arabia. Its it possible for me to obtain the sinia visa only? Answers will be most loved. Thanks.
  • Hi there,

    I am wondering if I need a visa to go to Sharm El Sheikh for 8 days because my passport is Venezuelan (I am from Venezuela) and I've just got married with a British citizen. I currently live in the uk because I got a fiancee visa to get married here. My visa will expire on the 1/06/2014 so I don't know if I should apply first for my UK temporary residency here before going to Egypt also we have booked our trip for the next month.
  • A UK fiancee visa is not a multiple entry visa, so if you leave the UK you will not be allowed back in. You are supposed to marry within the six month validity and apply for your thirty month settlement visa once you are married. 

    You need to apply as soon as possible for leave to remain using form FLR(M) you can apply in person or by post. It was very silly to book a holiday before you were granted a spouse visa. Just because you were granted a fiancee visa does not mean that you  are automatically granted a spouse visa. 
  • Thanks Alethia,it sounds logical so I am going to apply as soon as  I  can for my spouse one and then If I am lucky I could go for my holidays on the planned date.
    Take care.
  • Yes, you will need a visa. Depending on your nationality, costs and procedures can differ. If you're an American citizen, you can purchase your visa at the airport upon arrival at a cost of $15 (US) per person. However, different nationalities have different rules.
  • For Filipino nationality you will need Visa in advance - Just through the Egyptian Embassy in Jakarta - Good Luck

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