help needed re: Checking out deal/promotion
  • Hi I have just "won" a 21 day tour thru
    Florida Resort holiday
    Address: 4104 Linebaugh Ave
    Kansas, Florida 33624
    Phone Number: 0018133861099

    Now I think its Sus!!
    Phone number not available,
    Can anyone help??
  • Hi I have also found this to be sus,am asttempting to get onto and it is not user friendly for those residing outside of the USA. Any help here from any one who has had any success here with Linebaugh much appreciated..Thank you..
  • I have just had someone ring with this scam. He sounded very convincing that we had won a holiday, giving us phone numbers, addresses etc. Then they asked for credit card details for an amount of $998 for taxes or fees - which we relunctly gave them knowing that there was no credit on the card we gave them. The man told us that the transaction had been rejected, which we know it would be. Within minutes of ending the call we received a phone call from our bank telling us there had been suspicious activity on the card. And telling us that IT WAS DEFINITELY A SCAM.
  • I have travelled twice with All Seasons and Resorts and it was trouble free both times. They are sponsored by Florida Tourism Agency and all the resorts we have been to has been full with american and foreign travellers/ holiday makers. I´m travelling from Sweden.
    I was very worried at first, this was 2005, but decided to take a chance because of the price. Vouchers arrived within 24 hours. I would travel with them again!


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