Passport expires a week after exit from USA - renewals?
  • Hi, im worried about my daughters passport. She is 5 this year but is only 4 months old in her passport pic (british passport) We are gong to Florida and returning on 4th June - her passport expires 12th June. Will we have to renew before we go?
  • Bubbub - you should renew that passport and apply soon as the turnaround is up to 2 months.
  • Hi Bubbub,
    You need to have at least 6months left on your passport when you arrive take Davids advice renew quick as possible.
    Good Luck Zapper,
  • you absolutely have to renew the passport, it will not be valid, and you will be denied boarding at the airport - your travel agent should have told you this. You may also need to complete the ETSA online for visa free entry
  • my children (10 & 13) live here in USA but still have a UK passport. we are travelling back to Uk in 2 weeks but their passports expirer in july (only 3 months left!) Will that be ok.??
  • Hi Kersten,

    Your children must have at least 1 month left on the passports even if they are UK citizens,

    If you intend returning back to the States after your trip to the UK you will need at least 6 months on your UK passports to be able to enter the USA.

    Better get on down to the British embassy ASAP and get renewed just in case you have problems unless your renewing when you get here.

    You will also need to keep your old passport with you to show the US immigration your entry visa's.
  • hi i am travelling to usa on 30/june 2010 my passport expires 19/jan 2011 am i within the 6 months for travelling or do i need to renew my passport? departing from the uk.

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