Nightlife in Chicago and restaurant to impress
  • I'm travelling to Chicago in a week on business, just wondering what the nightlife is like?

    Can anyone point me in the right direction or area for the best clubs?
    Also, I'll be taking a client out to dinner and want to impress - please can someone give me the name of a restaurant that'll do the trick and impress the socks off her.
    I'll have a few days to chill to myself so where else can I go for more mellow and laid-back nights out, where are the best areas?

    Any advice would be great! Thanks
  • Hi Bruno,

    Chicago has a very happening nightlife with loads to do and some excellent restaurants.

    If you want to really impress your client then I would recommend the following restaurants:
    1. Alinea (said to be one of the best restaurants in Chicago)
    2. Spiaggia is deliciously italian
    3. Morton's, The Steakhouse for some excellent steaks

    With regards to nightlife - it really depends what you're after - Chicago has such a variety! Bars, cocktail lounges, dance clubs, jazz & blues clubs, sports bars, live music - pick a genre... your options are endless.

    To chill by yourself why not take a river cruise to explore the cities unique architecture; visit one of the many beautiful public gardens e.g. Lincoln Park Conservatory; the Brookfield Zoo is another place to visit; or just take a walk along Lake Shore Park.

    For more info about Chicago's many attractions visit our Chicago city guide attraction listing.

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