Greek Islands: how to choose
  • I found a nice, friendy, down-to-earth approach on a greek islands website where visitors are invited to share their experiences. This way you get genuine feedback from people who have been to the destinations instead of travel agents plugging resorts as they are bound to say they are 'the best'.

    Its a new website but I sincerely hope this kind of site works for the writer.I just thought that this makes a refreshing change from the tedious and repetitive adverts we are used to.
  • Hi Gary, interesting site - do you work for them?

    Check the Word Travels guide to Best Greek Islands, based on feedback from visitors to this forum.
  • No I dont, but I have written to and met the owner to see if he was interested in writing for me. I like his fresh approach to the travel industry and we have swapped some ideas.
  • SANTORINI ISLAND !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hi I run a forum about Kefalos which is a nice quiet resort in the Island of Kos...

    We tell you what you want to know, many of us have visited there twice a year for many years.........why not check us out , you never know you might be bitten by the Kefaos bug too

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