Mahdia holiday - what to see and do
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    I'm going to Mahdia in September and would like to know if this was a good choice. I'm looking to have a relaxing holiday but I definitely want to go to the medina and see how the locals live. I didn't want to go to the other resorts because I thought they would be too touristic, so Mahdia seemed a good bet. Does anyone have been there? Also, any tours recommendations?

    Many thanks

  • Selma - good choice! If you want an insight into Tunisia/people/culture this a good place to be. Mahdia is one of the ancient cities of Islam and has a beautiful medina just as you imagine it will be, winding narrow streets etc. There are many interesting places that you can go from Mahdia such as Kairouan, Matmata etc. It will depend on how long you are here and what your interests are.
  • going to the hotel El Mouradi Mahdia in Mahdia april 18th understand it is 3 miles from the town is there and transport or excursions we can go on.
  • Sheila - Mahdia is a wonderful city and as you will see from my post above, there is a lot to do in the area. Taxis are very cheap and will take you easily to the medina. There are louages that can take you to other cities and into the capital Tunis if you wish to do some day trips

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