visas for ukrainian citizens
  • to whome this may concern , i will be marying a ukrainian citizen , where can we travel freely for our honeymoon ? i know thailand , turkey , and a few other places are freely travelled to , but how about bora bora or mexico , is there someplace i can get this information ?
  • Kenya is a great country,and you get a visa at the Airport on arrival.
  • I too am married to a wonderful UA lady. We honeymooned in Mauritius. Visa on landing with return ticket and no fees to boot. No fuss nothing.

    Now, she is in the US with me and we want to go to Bora Bora. I asked for info at the French Consulate here in US. No reply though they have jurisdiction it being a French Polynesian place.

    So, any suggestions?
  • Please advise a work colleague is planning a visit to uk as a tourist she is a ukranian national and has never travelled outside her country of birth, can anyone advise would she need a visa to visit me in uk she will be staying hear with me and i am english born and bred if so how and where would she apply for a visa and approx how much would it cost if anyone can help or has any direct online links to fill in application i would very much appreciate thanks
  • Additional to the above she will only be visiting for 2 weeks or more but no longer than 3 months

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