Location of Port in Larnaca, Cyprus
  • Our ship stops in Larnaca in September 2010. We would like to know if the ship docks close enough to the town of Larnaca so we may be able to do some sightseeing on our own? I know Larnaca has a very attractive seaport/promenade, but do the cruise ships dock in that area or further away? Thanks for your help.
  • port within city
    promenade and shopping centre behind it could be reached on foot
    although a long walk especially in july heat
  • sorry sep heat
  • Thanks for your response.
    Appreciate the information however "how long is long"?
    Is there any bus service from the port into town?
    Could we get a bus to St. Lazaros Church?
    Thank you again for your help.
  • port to promenade about 1.5 km
    no bus but theres a taxi office nearby port
    no meter taxis,agree fare beforehand,i wouldnt pay over ten euro (port to promenade)
    Cypriots speak good English ask for directions and they will assist
    St Lazaros on a side street off the promenade
  • Your information is very helpful. Thanks again:)
  • You may want to avoid that port as there may be trouble from the 'humanitarians' trying to break into Israel.
  • Thanks, we've been watching/reading about the situation and the same thoughts have entered our minds....
  • its june you r coming in sep!the only thing "extremely dangerous" that could get you in trouble around that port are the
    eastern european and russian girls working in the bars and cabarets there.port area is larnacas red light zone.lol

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