Flights from Melbourne to Mt Gambier
  • I am needing some information on prices options etc... to get from
    Melbourne international airport to the closest place to Mt Gambier - South
    Australia for October.
  • Hi Lisa - Rex Airlines has routes from Melbourne direct to Mt Gambier - see schedules and prices on
  • Hi - I am trying to find info on trains from Melbourne to Mt Gambier or the
    closest stop to Mt Gambier for October travel.

    Have you got any idea of how long journey is, price, frequency etc.?
  • Hello Lisa,

    V/Line operates train and coach services from Melbourne to Mount Gambier. The train goes to either Warrnambool or Ballarat, and from there a coach departs to Mount Gambier. Via Warrnambool, the trip takes about 6h20; via Ballarat, it's about 5h40 hours long. Either way, it costs $32.40 one-way per adult and the scenery is marvellous.

    To book, visit

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