Work visas for South Africa
  • I am a UK citizen and recently spent time in South Africa and loved it. I looked in to ways to return for a longer period but found that it is very hard to get a working visa. My question is... Are there anyways to return to South Africa and to be able to work? I have South African friends who have moved to the UK for work, why am I unable to go to South Africa and work? Any ideas would be great.
  • You can get a working visa, there are many types. It does help a lot to (a) have a sponsor that can verify you have essential skills not readily available in the country and (b) a visa broker or agency that can speed up the process hugely. They will charge around R1500 for this service. See our expat guide to South Africa for some more details.
  • Can you please post full web address as link is not working. Thanks
  • Working in South Africa is very difficult, as unemplyment is so high there. It also depends on what your profession is!! I lived in South Africa for a number of years, so fully understand the challenges ahead of you...... good luck


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