Working in Cairns
  • I have recently booked to go to Australia with two friends in September. However, I already have a good amount of cash behind me so I am thinking of bringing my flight forward and going out now to work until they come out in September. I am going to apply for a working holiday visa. It being winter in Australia, I'd like to settle in Cairns to take advantage of the good weather. Can anyone tell me how easy it is to find bar/hospitality work and accomodation in Cairns?
  • There is a lot of hospitality work in cairns all year round. have a lookt at or when you get to cairns just walk around the clubs/ resturants and ask if they need workers.
  • Nice one Cairnsy thanks!
  • Is there any way to travel and work in Australia without having a formal work visa? Like seasonal or bar work, are employers relaxed about that sort of thing?
  • maybe you could try some Chinese restaurant as black labor, but it's not really good to do that without WHV

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