Passport requirements for Tunisia
  • I am travelling with my UK family to Tunisia on the 7th April next for a one week package holiday using my Dutch passport which expires in August 2010. Must I renew it before I go ? The Tunisian embassy website is "down" and I need an answer promptly !
  • As far as I know, you need to have at least 6 months before your passport expires. So better get a new one.
  • You are correct Sadin - you definitely need at least 6 months on your passport - so organise this before you leave
  • Hi Lesley, I had posted a question to you regarding transportation. Anyway, our package doesn't include the transportation from Tunis Airport to Hammamet Resort. So how can we travel from Tunis Airport to Hammamet? If can do by train, or bus, where to go, what to ask. will you be able to explain us assuming you are in Tunis Airport at 18:00 hours?
    Once we can get to hammamet, we can take a cab to the hotel.

    Cab from Airport to Hammemet seems to be expensive, so we are willing to use local transport? Please suggest us the best and the easiest means.
  • Hi Sadin - I have answered your question on that thread.............take a look!! Happy holidays
  • Thank you Sadin & Leslie. I am following your advice and renewing my passport immediately !
    Gea Champness
  • Happy to help = I hope you have a great vacation
  • Hello All,

    Can anyone tel me what is the visarequirements for Ecowas/West African nationals into Tunisia?

    BR, Kola
  • Br, Kola - if you can let me know what passport you have then I can get the correct information for you. Otherwise you should contact your nearest Tunisia Embassy for updated requirements
  • I am travelling to tunisia on wed 5th of may and the person im travelling with cant come can my mum travel on a passport that will run out in 2 months
  • Betty - the passport must have at least 6 months of validity left. If your mother wishes to travel with you she will need to get a new passport. I don't know what country you are from but most embassies can issue passports in just a few days for urgent matters
  • 6 Of are giong to skanes in end sept 2010 3 adults 3 kids do we need injections before we travel
  • Pammy - you do not need any injections or vaccinations to visit Tunisia.
  • I am travelling to Tunisia in June due back on the 16th, passport expires on 23/12/10 will this be ok? very close to 6 months
  • EMC - it should be fine but if you don't want to take the chance, renew your passport now and feel comfortable
  • Need help ASAP. I am currently set to fly to Tunisia early this September for 1 week. My passport expires in February 2011 which I see as six months away. Will I be ok. I'm running out of time fast.
  • Sam, sorry if I have missed you - you should be fine with the expiry date in your passport

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