visa requirement for 6 hours cruise halt
  • i am holding official indian passport. i am taking an MSC cruise from Naples. all ports of call are in schengen region ( i have type C multiple schengen visa) except the port of call 'La Goulette, Tunisia'. where the total halt is 6 hours. do i need visa for Tunisia ? if yes then what category? can i apply for visa in italy as i will be in italy for one week prior to cruise sailing? or can i get visa on arrival at Tunisia? or if i do not have required visa, will i be allowed to board the ship if i do not disembark ? i have not got clear answers from the booking agent and the shipping company.
  • I was under the impression that customs will board the ship on arrival and will be able to issue something like a transit visa which will allow you to go on shore. However, you should contact the Tunisian embassy prior to your departure and get clear and confirmed information.
  • thanks for a quick reply. i am leaving for Milan on 22 march and boarding the ship on 29 march from naples. the cruise company insists that i should have the visa before hand other wise i will be denied boarding. i will be happy if the cruise company allows me to embark and i remain onboard when the ship is in tunisia. is it possible to apply for visa in Milan / Rome once i reach there and get it in 3 to 4 days that i have in hand ? yes, i will contact tunisia consulate in milan on tuesday to get the correct picture; till then the next 3 days are going to be very very long for me, thinking of all those reservations and tie ups and things that i may have to change !
  • Hi Gaeks,

    I am also taking the cruise in august and have been told about the multiple entry schengen visa and for the tunisian visa for entry at la goulette, i have been told its visa on arrival.
    Can you tell me what your experience was and advice accordingly,


  • GT - it will depend on your nationality and passport. If you travel on a British/USA passport you do not need a visa.
  • Gaeks can you tell me what happen with you? did u require a tunsian visa? if yes can u get it at la Goulette?
  • Traveling to Tunisia (cruise stop for a couple of hours) with SA Passport and obtained two different bits of information - being a) visa on arrival and b) visa upfront with 14-21 approval period!? Can anyone give the correct info? Many thanks
  • Hi Gaeks, i am also Indian and planning a similar cruise like you did. I am ready not to get off the ship at Tunisia.
    can you please share your experience.
  • hey guys, i'm nigerian n going on this same cruise in april. here's what i found: pls could someone that has gone share their experince on this
  • No matter your nationality you should consult the Tunisian Embassy nearest to you. they have the latest information and will guide you as to the requirements
  • Uju - I have sent you two emails but they have bounced back.....can you let me have another email addy? The information is that you MUST have a visa before you arrive, sorry but you can't even get a transit visa. Please contact me again
  • Hi. We are planning a cruise on the Meditteranean starting in Rome and going to vairous European cities but it docks in Tunis for a few hours. Do we require a visa for Tunis if we are not going offshore? I have a Lebanese passport. I keep getting contradictory information so I would like to hear from someone who has actually been in this situation and gone to Tunis on a cruise ship. Thank you.

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