Going to Chicago
  • I shall be going to Chicago next week. I shall be staying in Aurora. I love getting around on the bus and trains. What is the transport system like there, and what is the easiest way to get to downtown Chicago.
  • I would not recommend taking a bus from Aurora to downtown without first knowing the city. It is a 35 mile trip. The metra train is the easiest and fastest way to travel. From the Aurora station take the line all the way to Oglivie station which is downtown Chicago. If you plan on making the trip often buy a multi-trip pass which much cheaper.
  • I have to go to Chicago this weekend. I will be traveling there for the first time. I thought of renting a car and take a drive all the way to Chicago and also see the attractions around. It will be a two day tour. What are the major attractions that I can cover during a two day tour..

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