Best Currency to take to Mexico?
  • Could you please advise me what is the best form of currency to take to Mexico from the UK.
    I have looked at different forums and there is no clear indication if Dollars or Pesos is best?
    Thank you....
  • You didn't mention where you would be in Mexico. Cities have ATM's for taking money out when you need it. I advise using ATM's and taking money out for 3-4 days use. This way, you do not have a lot of cash on hand at any one time. If you are in small villages, you need cash. Pesos is the currency. Sometimes dollars would be accepted, but don't count on it. You can bring some dollars along if you wish. I would bring one dollar bills. Use them for tips. Debit cards are not accepted in some locations. Be sure to tell your bank cards that you will be using them in Mexico. Your banks could stop access if they are not informed to protect your cards for security.
  • going to the travel agent today they told me as from 13th sept2010 that USD will not be advised to take as alot of hotels shops restaurants will only accept peso help is this right we fly on the 12th and are totally confused
  • what is the best currency to take to Mexico
  • please can you let me know what money to take to cancun mexico this year and the best way to obtain it
  • Buy some pesos, US dollar bills only useful as tips. Best solution is bring an aTM card and draw cash pesos when you need them.
  • More info on Mexico currency - please plenty of other impartial tourist advice.
  • Feb 2012 we were advised to take pesos but found most used the dollar even the small mexican bars and taxis
  • Some places take US dollars, all will accept pesos and westernized areas will take cards but don't count on cards to get you through. I reccomend getting pesos. They are the best to have anywhere you are in mexico. Don't use an airport Kiosk. Try and get them from your local bank. I pay a $15 us dollar flat rate for any amount of pesos up to $1000. have fun in mexico

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