Items allowed into SA
  • Hi,
    I was looking for some help. Am going out to visit my family in 4 weeks. They have asked me to bring some things out for them like ps3 games etc. Is there a limit on how many games I can take out with me?

  • Hi Lornawal, SA customs do have a limit on the value of "gifts" been taken in if they are not going to be taken out again. Typically in the past this was around R1200 tax free. There is no specific limit on titles etc on media other than if you were to look like an importer with many, many titles. Of course if these titles were open and appeared to be used and deemed to be personal property that you intended to use in SA and then take them out again, it would not attract any duty........nudge nudge wink wink, say no more...
  • I would like to sell Vitamins and other food supplements in South Africa. Would you kindly advice on import procedures for such products

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