Need advice about Cape Town
  • Hi guys,
    Me and my family would like to travel to Cape Town, South Africa...But I have heard that it's quite difficult to find accommodations it true???and can you guys show me which attractions should i visit??? Any advices???

    Thank you very much...

  • Hi there, I wish I can hike up the Table Mountain there to have a view overlooking the Cape Town the way, which class of accommodation would you prefer?
  • Thx dude..

    The budget one is my choice...Can you suggest me more attractions?? And you know,it's best if you could gimme some links to check it out...

  • Hi,
    Last year, I and my family visited to Cape Town, a wonderful paradise. We booked a hotel through the website: hotel is great and we did enjoy an enjoyable vacation there.

  • @ Fattie: you booked and paid online?
  • Thx you guys,

    I appreciate your recommends...but can we book accommodations online?any suggest about attractions?

    Thx so much,

  • Yeap, I found this site's information interesting and tried them last year. Their online service is good. You just read the help section in the site.hihi

  • Hi you guys, any one of you guy had come Cape of Good Hope ? Is it far from Cape Town, is there any Cape Town hotels and tours reach there ?
  • There is plenty of accomodation in Cape Town. From bed and breakfasts to 5* hotels. I am from there. If you have a look at the b & b association website, you can have your pick! Or just google accomodation in Cape Town and take your pick. The prices are very affordable as well.

    Have a great stay and say Hi to Cape town for me!!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    The Cape of Good hope ( Agulhus ) is about a 4 hour journey from Cape Town City Centre. If you are talking about Cape Point, this is about 1 hour drive from Cape town city centre. It is very easy to drive around Cape town, but escourted tours are offered from the city centre.

  • Nofate

    There are a wide range of excursions you can enjoy from wine farm tours, shark cage diving, a visit to robin Island where nelson Mandele was kept prisoner, quad bike riding, boat trips, table mountain excursions etc etc. Just go into tourist info and collect the brochures.
    Have a fab time!!!!!!!!
  • thx you guys...this forum is very helpful for those who want to ask info,just like me:)
    @Mitch: I'll say hi to Cape Town for you,no worries,dude:)
  • Wow! what a very useful information Mitch. I have booked a hotel and tour at site , hopefully that they will take me as you said.

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