Travelling with a criminal record
  • Hi, i'm looking to travel to Tunisia next month for a weeks holiday. I am presently serving a suspended prison sentence, 12 weeks, suspended for a year, imposed in Nov '09 for abh. Will this stop me traveling? Thanks
  • The entry card does not ask in regard to criminal records. If you are travelling on UK or USA passport you should still complete the entry card but you will not need to apply for a visa, just go straight to the queue for your free visa
  • Hi

    I want to take my husband to visit the Pyramids in Egypt as a surprise anniversary present but he sadly has a criminal conviction for a fatal road traffic accident. Will he be allowed to enter Egypt? What do you recommend we do?
  • Mary - I don't know what country you are travelling from - you should check with the Egyptian embassy website. Most passport holders can purchase their visa on arrival at the Cairo airport so it is usually not a problem
  • You should take a look at

    It's a site about travel with a criminal record w. quite a bit of info on the topic.
  • Great site that, answers a lot of questions I see people posting here.
  • A fellow student wants to go on a school trip from Canada to Mexico with us,alas,she was picked up recently on a minor shoplifting charge.Could this affect her travel plans?

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