ATM's in Skanes?
  • Hi - Can anyone tell me if there are any ATM machines in the Skanes area to draw out money? If so, where, please. Also, do the hotels only exchange cash (possibly taking some British pounds or Euros) or do they take debit cards too? If so, is it safe to do this? If the answer to all this is no, are there banks nearby in Skanes? Hoping for answers! Thanks to anyone who does.
  • Also, one site said not to use your room safe because they are broken into - any comments?
  • Peachpot - there are ATM in Skanes and also quite a few banks so you can withdraw without a problem. If you want bigger bank branches then I suggest you go into Monastir or Sousse which are bigger towns not very far away. Easy to get to by taxi or louage. I have never heard of room safes being broken into, however, if you feel more comfortable then you can arrange to have a security box at the reception.
  • Thank you Lesley for the info and reassurance - there was only one report about the safe and we thought it a little strange as we always thought them secure, but it's best to ask. I think I'll take a bit of sterling or euros and get the rest out as I need with the debit card, saves messing about with travellers cheques.
  • Ah, finally found that review again. It was posted on 27 feb 2010 for the El Mouradi Skanes on and they say 'Bad points of the hotel --staff are crooked (dont trust the safes , keep your money with you at all times and passports as well)' which seems rather impractical, but no-one else who has reviewed the hotel on other sites have reported a similar problem - perhaps it was just a one off. There are good and bad reports with this hotel, but we are going to take it as we find it, be aware of the tipping culture (which is no different to lots of countries and actually I don't see a problem with thanking someone for good service with a tip) and hope to have a good time!
  • Peachpot - I am sure you are going to have a good time inch'allah! don't give too big tips though! round up to the dinar, a few millims is all that is needed.
  • Ah, thank you! That is also very useful information and thank you for your reassurances once again- starting to get excited now!
  • Hi - please look at the Word Travels guide to Skanes.
  • Thank you Mathieu, I am new to this site and hadn't found that area :)
  • So, we got caught in the volcano saga!!! Thank you to Thomas Cook who were brilliant and transferred us to the Sahara Beach hotel fully inclusive for a further week! Still, to all those going to Skanes - there is an ATM machine in the wall of a hotel opposite the Folla shoping centre in Skanes - Skanes is quite a big area so make sure you are near the shopping centre if you wish to use this facility! It's around the El Mouradi Skanes Beach hotel/Houda/Mirmar club, not the Sahara beach area. Having said that, we didn't really use it anyway. When we got to the Skanes Beach, we found that there were no shops nearby that sold alcohol and the hotel was quite pricey - it worked out cheaper to upgrade from half board to fully inclusive, and as there are no restaurants/bars (well very few - we found one!) nearby you are restricted to the hotel anyway so it worked out OK. Also we took a taxi to Sousse for a wander - the Soula shopping centre which is quite well advertised in the area is actually rather small, and the goods and prices were more or less the same as the Folla Centre - but hey, it gave us a morning out and we wandered round the market and found a cafe - a chap trying to get us in his shop made us laugh tho', shouting 'come and look - cheaper than Asda's!'

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