Is it safe to fly when pregnant
  • Hi, is it safe to fly when pregnant. My daughter-in-law is 7 months pregnant and wants to fly to Cyprus for a weeks holiday.
  • It is safe to fly when pregnant unil the third trimester - so she just about makes it - but she should get advice from her doctor if the has anuy medical problems related to the pregnancy such as high blood pressure or has had problems in a previous pregnancy. Many women decide to travel in the second trimester – weeks 14 to 27 – when morning sickness is behind them and they are not feelign too enormous! Airlines can be unwilling to carry women who are more than 28 weeks pregnant because of the risk of premature labour. Travel agents will not ask you if you are pregnant, but you will be asked at the gate and airlines can bar you from travel if they think there is a risk. To avoid problems, your daughter-in-law should get a letter from her doctor confirming it it safe to travel, with confirmation of the due date. Cyprus is not too far from the UK - a 4 hr flight I think - but I wouldnt advise flying further when 7 months pregnant.

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